Smart Lighting Control Company in Cheshire

Smart lighting offers effortless control to adjust lighting for any desired mood, and Hestia excels in orchestrating the complete transformation of home lighting systems across Cheshire. For those seeking a distinguished smart lighting control company in Cheshire, specializing in premium Control4 and Lutron products, your search ends here.

Smart Lighting at Homes

Say goodbye to the days when lighting merely illuminated a space. Today, it’s a fusion of modernity, technology, and aesthetics that crafts an ideal environment and lighting experience for you and your family. The concept of a smart home revolutionizes how you illuminate your living space. Smart lighting is about the integration of intelligent technology into lighting systems (it can even be set up on your manual and original lighting systems). Enhance your home experience with a smart lighting system that offers versatility beyond imagination. From changing light colors and adjusting brightness levels to dimming lights and remotely controlling them, to even utilizing voice commands for effortless control, the possibilities for customization are boundless.

Hestia, with a team of experienced experts in smart lighting and lighting design, is ready to find you the best solution for transforming your home lighting system throughout the Cheshire region, including Chester, Altrincham, Knutsford, Birkenhead, Northwich, Wilmslow & Alderley Edge.

Benefits of Partnering with a Smart Lighting Control Company in Cheshire and Northwich

In Cheshire, the increasing number of homeowners who want to transform their home to a smart home is impressive. Among these innovative companies, Hestia Smart Living is a leading provider of Control4 and Lutron smart lighting solutions. By partnering with a company like Hestia, you will have unlimited access to cutting-edge technology, consultation, and expertise in implementing sophisticated lighting control systems.

Partnering with a local smart lighting control company in Cheshire and Northwich like Hestia Smart Living offers several advantages:


Our team is made of skilled and experienced professionals who can understand your specific needs and recommend the perfect system for your home to cover all your expectations.


Every home is unique, and your lighting is too. Hestia Smart Living will create a bespoke lighting design to reflect your lifestyle and preferences.


With a professional installation, you will never have to worry about upgrading your lighting in the future.

Ongoing Support

To ensure you get the most out of your smart lighting system Hestia provides ongoing support for their customers.

A Solution for Every Home in Birkenhead Cheshire

Our expert in Hestia will find a smart lighting solution that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each home in Birkenhead, Cheshire. Moreover, by considering your needs and budget, Hestia’s experts can design and implement personalized smart lighting systems that align with your demands and aesthetic preferences. If you’re looking to manage your budget wisely, we can enhance your existing lighting system by integrating components such as a smart lighting keypad. This keypad serves as a central hub, allowing you to control lighting scenes and settings without significant alterations or excessive spending

Smart Lighting Control methods for Altrincham homes

The lighting control components consist of the devices and equipment that let your lighting control strategies, which include lamps, such as LEDs, fluorescents, or incandescents with varying characteristics. Here are common smart lighting control methods

Smartphone app: A dedicated mobile application that allows users to control their lights remotely.

Voice Control: Smart voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit can integrate with smart lighting systems.

Wall-Mounted Switches and Keypads: Wall-mounted switches and keypads are the best replacement and cheapest solution to add smart lighting to your home.

Remote Controls: Some smart lighting systems come with customized remote controls that allow users to adjust lighting settings without a need for smartphones or voice commands.

Motion Sensors: Motion sensors integrated into smart lighting systems and, by detecting movement, automatically activate or adjust lighting accordingly.

Scheduled Automation: Smart lighting systems have scheduling capabilities that allow users to program lighting scenes and actions based on specific times or events.

Smart Lighting and security system in Wilmslow & Alderley Edge

Added peace of mind will be guaranteed by the integration of a lighting system with your home security. By setting up automated lighting scenes to simulate occupancy when you’re not at home, you can deter potential intruders. Moreover, motion sensors can be programmed to trigger lighting systems for better monitoring whenever there is movement in your property at certain times.

Smart Lighting by Blinds and Shades

The innovative integration of smart lighting with blinds and shades is another brilliant aspect of smart lighting systems that allows homeowners to have greater control over natural light levels and privacy. With seamless adjustments to natural light, you can create the perfect ambiance throughout the day to enhance both comfort and energy efficiency. Here are some benefits of smart blinds and Shades for your Cheshire smart homes:


Easily control the natural light with your voice or remote control, or even you can set a schedule for opening/closing time.


You can create a safer environment around kids and pets without any cords on your blinds.

Energy Savings

In cold and hot weather you can minimize the amount of energy usage with smart blinds. Using sunlight sensors reduces heating, ventilation, and air conditioning usage and reduces or prevents heat loss.

Smart Lighting

By pairing your blinds with a smart lighting system, you will be able to use it to maximize the amount of daylight when it’s required.


By setting a schedule or using the remote controlling capability of smart blinds to stimulate your presence at home and increase security.

UV Light Protection

UV light is harmful to your home furniture and decor. By using smart shades, you can minimize direct sun that can cause discoloration.

Indoor & Outdoor smart lighting systems in

Smart lighting control is not just for the indoor environment; you can extend the convenience and increase the security of the home with outdoor smart lighting that covers the entire building. Hestia’s experts offer a Control4 system that enables you to control outdoor lighting fixtures, pool, garden areas, and walkways like your indoor. A proper lighting design will improve both aesthetics and illumination of your entire property. For more comfort you can use motion sensors for outdoor lights to turn on automatically at dusk, and also it’s a good addition for lighting scenes for gatherings in the backyard. Motion detection sensors are perfect and can be integrated into your smart lighting system to maximize the overall experience of using it.

They precisely can affect energy usage by ensuring that the lights turn on automatically when someone enters a room and turn off when they leave.


Smart lighting control is not just a simple technological object; it’s a clever investment in comfort, security, and energy efficiency. Working and consulting with Hestia’s smart home company experts, who are completely familiar with Control4 and Lutron products, will result in a perfect convenience and personalized illumination that meets your needs. By choosing Hestia as your trusted smart lighting control company in Cheshire, your investment is met with a steadfast commitment to understanding and surpassing your expectations for smart lighting in your home.


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