Home Spa

We provide a complete design service for swimming pools and home spas for luxury residential properties. Our interior design team believes that the aesthetics of swimming pools are just as important as their functionality.

The swimming pool and spa are key features in any luxury home, and the installation of automatic controls improves hygiene, safety, and usability for every occasion. Smart pools and spas allow you to control heating and cooling systems and the entire pool effortlessly.

Additionally, a good control and automation system for lights, pool filters, and chlorine levels ensures the perfect balance of hygiene, comfort, and efficiency.

Smart Home Swimming Pools and Home Spas

We prioritise working smarter, utilising modern and cutting-edge technologies to enhance every aspect of your home. Imagine elevating your backyard swimming pool to new heights by transforming it into a smart, wireless automation system for ultimate convenience and luxury. With Hestia Smart Living, we can automate your pool and spa system to save you time and money and simplify routine care. Regardless of your location, our experts are ready to assist you with any changes and specifications for your swimming pools and home spa throughout the Cheshire region, including Chester, Altrincham, Manchester, Northwich, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Knutsford, and Birkenhead.

Hestia Smart Swimming Pool and Spa Services

Hestia is a leading company in smart pool and spa services. With the support of our expert team with more than 10 years of experience in smart home services in the Cheshire region, Altrincham, Trafford, and Greater Manchester, we are honoured to provide a complete design service of swimming pools and home spas for luxury residential properties (check out our stunning portfolio). We specialise in assisting homeowners in the comprehensive transformation of their swimming pools or spas into state-of-the-art, smart, and automated systems where aesthetics, functionality, and comfort seamlessly converge. Our interior design team holds the belief that the aesthetics of swimming pools are as crucial as their functionality. Therefore, Hestia’s experts collaborate with pools, spas, and architecture specialists to curate the most suitable environment tailored to your preferences.

The swimming pool and spa stand as essential features in any luxury home, and the integration of automatic controls enhances hygiene, safety, and usability for all occasions. Smart pools and spas enable you to regulate heating and cooling systems and control the entire pool, even when you’re away from home. With this capability, you can activate the pool or spa system to be ready for use upon your return. Additionally, you benefit from a sophisticated control and automation system for smart lights, pool filters, and chlorine levels, ensuring the perfect balance of hygiene, comfort, and efficiency.

Swimming Pools and Home Spas

Swimming pools and home spas are ubiquitous features found in residential properties and luxury villas, offering relaxation, recreation, and health benefits. A smart swimming pool or spa entails integrating traditional amenities with smart technologies, enabling homeowners to control them remotely. Additionally, they provide comprehensive monitoring of various aspects of the pool or spa wirelessly through an installed app on your smartphone, tablet, or other internet-connected devices. Here are the specifications you can expect from your smart swimming pools and home spa:

  • Turning on/off the water pump and purification filter
  • Adjusting the preferred water temperature
  • Regulating the chlorine or salt levels and any other substance you use 
  • Controlling the ambient lighting of the pool or Spa
  • Turning on/off waterfalls or fountains
  • Monitoring water chemistry and its changes 

Ready to change your traditional swimming pool and home spa into a smart one? Here are some factors you should consider to reduce costs and improve the final product:

  • The features you want
  • Whether the smart home system is compatible with your existing pool or spa equipment

How Does a Smart Home Pool and Spa System Work?

Integrating a wireless automation system into your home’s pool or spa provides control over various aspects such as water purification, system management, pool water pump, chlorine, and other chemical dosages. To understand the significant impact of smart pools and spas, consider this example: Without an automation system, daily monitoring of water pH balance is necessary to ensure sufficient chlorine levels in the pool. However, with a smart automation system, this process becomes effortless; the system measures chlorine levels and automatically adds the appropriate amount if necessary.

Another example involves the task of emptying the entire pool for cleaning, which is time-consuming and challenging. However, with robotic cleaners, one of the best options for smart pool automation, cleaning becomes a breeze. These programmable robots can navigate the pool, meticulously cleaning every nook and cranny, including walls and floors, based on commands sent from your smartphone. Similarly, smart spa systems offer a self-cleaning feature for spas, simplifying the cleaning process without requiring manual intervention.

Here is a list of other devices that we suggest you link to your wireless home automation system:

  • Automated variable speed pool pumps
  • Heaters
  • LED lights or incandescent lights
  • Valves
  • Audio distribution system
  • Water leak sensors
  • Motion-activated pool alarms
  • Fire & water features
  • Landscape lighting
  • Smart pool pump and filter system


Smart Swimming Pool System Components

The essential components of an automated pool system that can transform your swimming experience include:

  • Controller: The pool automation controller is at the heart of a smart pool automation system, acting as its central hub. This controller integrates all equipment components, providing users with seamless control over their pool. Controllers come in various types, including wireless, wallpad, and programmed models. We recommend controllers that seamlessly integrate with existing home automation systems. Some models even offer voice command functionality, enabling users to control the pool with simple voice commands.
  • Salt System: Salt systems feature sensors that detect low salt levels or insufficient chlorine production in the pool, sending alerts to address the issue promptly.
  • Pool Cleaner: A pool cleaner can be programmed to run when the pool is not in use, ensuring it stays clean and ready for swimming. We suggest opting for a WiFi-enabled robotic pool cleaner, allowing convenient control from your smartphone.
  • Pool Heating and Cooling: Like a smart home thermostat, you can maintain optimal pool or spa water temperature using a smart heating or cooling system. Connecting the pool heater, heat pump, or chiller to the automation system allows you to enjoy consistently comfortable water temperatures. Additionally, programming these systems ensures they automatically activate to prevent water freezing on cold days.
  • Pool Pump and Filter System: The pool’s pump is its essential component, regulating water circulation and filtration. Connecting a WiFi-enabled pump to the automation system gives you complete control over water management.
  • Pool Smart Lighting: Smart pool lighting adds both practicality and ambience to your swimming experience. Integrated with your home automation system, you can effortlessly control the pool lighting, setting timers or schedules to illuminate the pool according to your preferences, enhancing safety and aesthetics.

Benefits of Smart Some Spa and Swimming Pool System

The incorporation of a smart home automation system offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. No longer will you need to spend countless hours on pool maintenance; the smart pool or spa system will handle this while you enjoy quality time with family and friends or engage in more meaningful activities.

One immediate benefit of installing a smart pool and spa system is the enhancement of your property’s resale value. Whether you’re a technology novice or unfamiliar with pool care, a simple touch on your smartphone is all it takes to manage everything effortlessly. Forget about manually switching off lights or turning off the water heating system; with your smart home spa and pool systems, energy and time savings are guaranteed.

Furthermore, by automating several maintenance tasks for your pool or spa, there’s no need to hire a pool service company or tackle chores yourself; nearly everything is automated to enhance your pool experience. Additionally, you’ll notice a reduction in energy usage and bills, thanks to the monitoring capabilities of the automation system.