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In the 21st century, the concept of “Home” has undergone revolutionary changes and reached a new level. Technology constantly evolves and homes have taken no exception from this. The age of smart homes has begun, and our lives are conveniently intertwined with them. The key to a better life is smart home automation. In a smart home, every movement and step has been programmed before; just enjoy a seamless integration of every aspect of your life effortlessly. Your home literally works for you and allows you to experience room-by-room control on every part of your home. Hestia SL has an excellent commitment to transforming luxury homes into hubs of smart excellence while simultaneously making them look out of this world.

What is a smart home?

Technology-based systems that enable users to control and monitor their appliances, lights, air conditioners, security systems, door locks, and everything between remotely are called “Smart Homes.” In concrete terms, it is a home that simplifies daily routine tasks and allows homeowners to control most of their home devices and appliances remotely. Smart homes use different advanced technologies and devices such as smart lighting, smart A/V distribution, smart sensors and locks, and even AI (artificial intelligence). Homeowners can make customization to their living environment that benefits from smart home systems, from dimming the lights and adjusting humidity level or temperature to scheduling blinds or security systems.

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Smart Home Automation Systems

A smart home automation system is defined as where technology joins the interior system to create a dream house. Its aim is to transform into an automated control of devices or aspects of the home that were formerly controlled in isolation, for example, door locks or light switches. As a system, smart home automation brings every single device and gadget together to work seamlessly, which leads us to save time. Also, everything with automation is much more efficient and easier.

Many cities and villages in Greater Manchester, such as Cheshire, Altrincham, Wilmslow, and Hale, are equipped with the latest technologies in the smart homes market. Hestia believes smart add-ons should never cost a space its good looks, quite the opposite. The home automation company thinks that enhancing a home both practically and aesthetically – an A-Z service, the impossible made possible. Thanks to a unique and expert team of highly experienced international designers, engineers, and creative minds, Hestia is one of the leaders of smart homes and automation systems in Manchester.

Benefits of Smart Homes

The advantages of smart homes go beyond glamor, gadgets, and luxury living spaces. It’s about a bunch of benefits that add convenience and improve your comfort.

  • Feel Effortless Convenience – From automated door locks to adjusting thermostats before you arrive home, you will never need to get up your warm bed to turn off the lights; with a voice command, everything can be done.
  • More Comfort Times – Smart homes came to cater to your personal preferences by learning your routine tasks and configuring them based on your needs. Remotely control your tasks, such as turning on the lights when it’s nighttime, preparing the bathtub when you are on the way home, and many more.
  • Secure Home – Your smart home security system will be your vigilant protector and your trusted eyes while you are not at home. With cameras, motion detection sensors, smart locks, automatic lock systems, and finally, an alarm system to notify you, you will always have peace of mind whenever you leave the house.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency – One of the most important benefits of using smart homes is the energy-saving capabilities that they offer to homeowners. Automated smart lighting and thermostats will help you save more energy, lower your bills, and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Multiple control methods – Smart homes and smart devices allow you to control them with various methods. You can control them from your mobile, tablet, or any other smart device, or get help from your voice assistants and give orders with voice commands.
  • Customized atmosphere – You can forget about those days when you had to accept one-size-fits-all lighting or temperature. Now, every room can have its own light and temperature that suits the owner’s preferences. Also, you can adjust the living room’s light and air conditioning for a movie night, a party, or a romantic dinner.

How do you start with home automation systems?

It can be challenging because of the complexity of finding the right point to start with home automation; this is where a reputed and reliable smart home company like ours can help you go through it. Hestia SL’s experts can help you understand market options and design a customized system and perfect wireless home automation solution to cover your needs and preferences.

The Future of Smart Homes

We collected some valuable data around the internet about the revenue of the multiple aspects of smart homes in the market, their household penetration rate, average revenue per installed Smart Home market, and where they have the highest revenue. In the following chart, you can see the probable revenue growth and value of the different aspects of smart homes through the upcoming years.

Smart Homes - Smart Home Blog Services

What are smart home automation aspects?

Smart lighting

Hestia SL’s smart lighting solutions transform your home’s living space to ensure you have maximum comfort and energy efficiency. With our lighting services, you can emulate natural outdoor light in your interior spaces to enhance your rhythm of life and adapt each room to its function (cold light to work or warm to rest). You can create environments for every occasion by lighting scene design, such as entertainment or relaxation. Lighting controls allow you to save energy by reducing the environmental impact of consumption; for example, when you are near your home, you can turn on the lights to prevent wasting energy. In addition, we offer fixed control panels that can be adapted from their manufacturer for each client, choosing the design, style, and color of each one to suit each home’s design.

A/V Distribution

The A/V distribution system allows you to distribute audio and video around the entire house, as well as simultaneously viewing or listening to the same content in different spaces of your home. Imagine you walk outside your room to the kitchen while watching your favorite TV series. It won’t stop there; you can continue playing it in the kitchen while cooking. The A/V distribution system includes different ceiling, wall, and bookshelf speakers that match the decor. Using a universal Wi-Fi remote control, choose to access a variety of audio or video media, including Sky, CCTV, Airplay, or Spotify, you choose. We also guarantee that our systems are fully integrated with different streaming platforms, such as Apple TV, Netflix, or Amazon, to meet your entertainment needs.

Smart Home Cinema

Hestia offers you your own private cinema with solutions and features with the highest performance. Smart home cinema is one of the most favorite integrations in smart homes. You can install the home cinema component in every room to enjoy an immersive image, sound, and lighting, along with luxury seats, controls, and design that enhance the experience of going to see a premiere at the cinema in your city, but without leaving your home. Our integrated service ranges from home cinema furniture, acoustic design, lighting, sound control, and automation adapted to the room to guarantee a disruptive cinematographic experience and raise the comfort of our clients within their own homes. Moreover, you can use your customized home cinema for gaming sessions or listen to the highest quality music.

Smart Homes - Smart Home Blog Services

Temperature Systems

The addition of a smart thermostat to your smart home automation system will be a game changer. Our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning controls are energy-efficient, convenient, and simple to use. So, no matter what the weather, your home will provide the utmost comfort for you and your family. With program capability, you can set them to turn the heating system on/off before and after you go to bed. Our systems allow you to schedule and timetable, as well as control the temperature and ventilation remotely from outside the home. For those who are frequent travelers, with work, or just live busy lives, it ensures complete control of your system from the palm of your hand through a tablet or smartphone. Using a smart thermostat properly at your smart home can reduce energy usage and save it up to 30%.

Swimming Pool Control

The integration of technology into swimming pools results in the swimming pool and spa, which are key rooms at any luxury home. With the installation of automatic controls on your pool, you can improve hygiene and safety and use it for every occasion. Smart pools and spas allow you to control heating, cooling systems, and the entire control of the pool, which leads us to optimize the pool’s energy usage. At the same time, a good control and automation system of lights, pool filters, and chlorine levels allows for gaining the perfect balance of hygiene, comfort, and efficiency.

Hestia SL Smart Home Project In Cheshire

Check out Hestia’s portfolio; you will see some appreciated projects in our company’s resume, which shows how professional our company is. Our Offland Villa project, which was designed by the infamous Swedish architect Vasco Trigueiros, is one of the most stunning projects of our company that has been featured in popular Grand Design tv series because of its unique and extraordinary architecture and automation features. We have commissioned a full home automation system in this luxury villa, including an automated heat recovery system, lighting system, pool control, AV distribution, blind control, irrigation system, home cinema, and climate control combined with a Tesla renewable system.

Smart Homes - Smart Home Blog Services


Do home buyers prefer smart homes over ordinary homes?

In a study done by Coldwell Banker Real Estate among 1,250 people, almost 54% of buyers prefer to buy a home that is equipped with a smart home system and installed products.

How many smart homes do the UK have?

According to YouGov, the UK has around 2.2 million smart homes.

What percentage of UK homeowners have smart home products?

Britain’s own 66.44 million people, and 57% of homes there have at least one smart device. According to a survey conducted by Smart Home Week, more than 1 in 6 people control their smart products remotely from outside.

What are commonly used smart home products in the UK?

The most commonly used smart home product in Britain is smart meters that are given away for free. But in the case of investment in a device, the most popular smart home device is smart speakers, and Amazon Echo is more favored among the others.

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