Automated lighting services in great Manchester and Liverpool

From Great Manchester, the first industrialized city in the world, to Liverpool’s vibrant streets, the northwest of England has a huge potential in using cutting-edge technologies in cities and houses. How can you add a touch of vibrancy to the homes of great Manchester and Liverpool? The key to this revolutionary improvement is in our experts hands at Hestia Smart Living company. We can offer various ranges of assistants about automated lighting services in great Manchester and Liverpool to transform your home into a symphony of light and shine.

There is no need for fumbling for witches in the dark; walk everywhere in your house, and the scene will be as bright as day for you. With automated lighting services at your home, a vast range of intelligent and automated assists will be in your service, from pre-programmed “scenes” to lights auto-responding to the natural rhythm of the day; it’s the reality of a smart lighting system.

What is Automated lighting?

Automated lighting, mostly known as smart lighting in wireless home automation systems, is an intelligent and functional solution to control the home’s lighting. An automated lighting system can optimize energy consumption, which can help homeowners reduce their energy bills. By connecting to the internet network, smart lighting systems can be controlled remotely from anywhere via an app installed on your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, you can control your home lighting over voice commands with the help of smart assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. When your lights become automated, it means that you can set schedules for them to turn on and off automatically, which is an additional security measure for times you are away from home.

What are the different types of Smart Lighting Systems?

To make up your smart building, various types of smart lighting are available on the market. Our experts offer your homes in Great Manchester and Liverpool Lutron and Control4 systems and equipment. You can choose from the following products for your home and we can take care of it as a Control4 dealer in great Manchester and Liverpool.

Smart Light Bulbs

The cheapest and easiest option, among other ways to add smart lighting into a home, is installing smart light bulbs. It looks like a traditional bulb, with the difference that it’s wireless and can work independently from any other lighting products, and by connecting to the hub, you can control it remotely. There are various options in smart light bulbs that you can choose from, such as type of connection: WiFi or Bluetooth, dimming capability, light color and temperature control, luxury lighting and the shape of the bulb.

Smart Downlights

The typical use of Smart Downlights is installation in a hole within a ceiling. They need to get wired and connect to electricity, and then you can control it with your smartphone or tablet. They can work independently, but you may need a smart hub to control them.

Smart PIR Security Lights

These types of smart lights are equipped with built-in motion sensors, audio systems, and CCTV. Like others, you can have a remote control on Smart PIR Security Lights. They will function whenever the motion sensor detects movement and then the lights and camera will turn on automatically. Some Smart PIR Security Lights may have alarm systems, floodlights, and other technologies to enhance the home’s overall security.

Smart LED Lights

Smart LED lights come as strip lights that are available in different lengths and don’t need a smart hub to function. They are an ideal option for creating lighting moods in home automation systems, especially when you want to create a unique gaming and entertainment atmosphere. These tiny but powerful lights have a vast range of color options, making them the best choice to create lighting moods.

Smart Light Switches

To control the primary light fixtures (exclusively overhead lights), you can’t find any better option than smart light switches. Our experienced specialists in Hestia SL are suggesting and introducing Caséta by Lutron, an ultra-reliable smart switch and dimmer to turn your regular bulbs into smart ones. By installing the switch on your lighting system, you will be able to control the lights over an app on your mobile or tablet. It is more of a remote control; you can control them by touching the switches on the wall.

Automated lighting services in great Manchester and Liverpool

The two most popular and favorite lighting systems that need a automation solutions are:

  • Smart interior lighting solutions
  • Smart exterior lighting solutions

Let’s get to know them more.

Smart interior lighting solutions

Hestia Smart Living works as an experienced company in automated lighting services in Great Manchester and Liverpool to deliver clients the best smart interior lighting solutions. We can help you from design to installation and even consultants in case you need it to solve your interior lighting design/installation and any other needs. You can choose among a vast range of Smart Indoor Lighting solutions for your home in Greater Manchester and Liverpool, such as:

  • Smart Ceiling Lights
  • Smart Pendant Lights
  • Smart Wall Lights

These lights are all designed with your comfort and enhancement of your home lighting quality in mind. Also, they can add value to your interior decoration and provide efficient, customizable, and convenient illumination for your home. Automated interior lighting solutions are more than simple automation in turning the lights on or off; they are your bright bridge to the world of smart and modern living.

Here are some of most important benefits of using smart interior lighting solutions:

  • Convenience and wireless control
  • Enhanced ambiance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Security and peace of mind
  • Automation and integration

Smart exterior lighting solutions

Smart outdoor lighting systems are designed to improve homeowners’ lighting experience in their property’s front door, garden, or backyard. There are various methods of controlling and functioning outdoor lighting systems. You can control them the same as the indoor lighting with your phone or tablet, or by installing motion sensors, you will have automatic lighting as you programmed. We are suggesting selecting a control system that is made by Control4 or Lutron. Based on your needs, you can choose any type of lighting system that suits your budget and requirements. Our specialists can design/install a lighting solution that perfectly matches your expectations and needs for your home’s garden style.

The features of outdoor lighting control systems in your Great Manchester and Liverpool house are:

  • Endless Style & Design Prospects
  • Unlimited Color and Brightness Options
  • Convenience

The smart outdoor lighting system can seamlessly integrate with your outdoor home A/V distribution, wireless home automation system, automated gates, alarm system, and so forth.

The last touch of your home lighting to make it complete is its outside lighting; this will make your home’s overall look admirable.

No matter what your lighting needs are, our experienced team can cover all your lighting requirements, helping you design and install a solution to create your preferred and perfect atmosphere both inside and outside of your home all over Great Manchester and Liverpool. We are a reliable and certified representative of Control4 and Lutron products to deliver you the latest automated lighting services in Great Manchester and Liverpool. Hestia guarantees that you will put your home lighting system automation in safe hands.


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