About Us

With 10+ years of industry experience and an innovative team, we easily adapt to the constant changes and demands of ever-evolving architectural taste, with you at the heart of everything. 
At Hestia, we design and implement tailor-made lighting packages and automation systems that enhance your lives and maximise the potential of your home. 

Meet the Team

Pasha Melli

Founder and Managing Director
Pasha is the managing director of Hestia Smart Living. With an MSC in project management and a bachelor’s in engineering, he specialises in high-end residential and commercial projects for private clients and developers internationally. Pasha's hobbies include playing paddle, golf, and travelling. He is kind, funny and hard-working.

Hedi Azar

Hedi Azar is an architectural designer at Hestia. She brings a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic vision to Hestia Smart Living. With a Master's degree in Architecture and over 5 years of experience in UK residential projects, she possesses a strong foundation for crafting functional and beautiful living spaces.Hedi's approach goes beyond functionality. She is a creative mind who constantly seeks innovative solutions, ensuring your home reflects your style and personality. Her passion for music, as a pianist and cellist, fosters a keen appreciation for harmony, rhythm, and balance – elements that resonate throughout her designs.

Daria Kurpitko

Daria’s role as an architectural designer is multifaceted, with a blend of technical knowledge, creative design, effective communication, and project management skills. She is instrumental in transforming clients' ideas into tangible structures, ensuring that every aspect of the design process aligns with professional standards and client expectations. Simultaneously Daria is a student at the Manchester School of Architecture with existing experience in the Dubai architecture field.

Molly Watson

Executive Assistant and Accountant
Molly handles the financial records for our office and private clients; this includes financial statements and tax returns. She is a really helpful member of our team at Hestia Smart Living. Molly loves spending time with her little boy and doing DIY projects.

Joe Cannon

Technical Manager
Working alongside Bijan, Joe is a project engineer at Hestia Smart Living. He is responsible for all technical and engineering aspects of our projects. Joe plans, schedules and manages all the technical tasks to ensure accuracy, resources, and quality from start to finish.

Chloe Aldred

Sales and Aftercare
Chloe has over ten years of experience in the luxury construction sector, a BA Hons degree, and other industry-relevant qualifications. Chloe is highly organised, patient, and dedicated. She ensures that all of Hestia's clients have a great experience from start to finish, including within the extended warranty period. Chloe spends her spare time with her two dogs and husband.

Amber Fairhurst

Project Designer
Amber is our project designer. She has a bachelor’s in interior design and experience working overseas in design. Amber’s spatial planning knowledge and passion for interior design help us transform our vision into reality. Amber is a bubbly and confident person who enjoys going to the gym and doing yoga and Pilates classes.

Bijan Nezhad

Site Supervisor
Bijan is one of our project engineers. He has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and a PhD in construction engineering management. Bijan has 18 years of experience working in construction development in Iran and Dubai and has been with Hestia since 2021. His hobbies include cycling, running, and hiking. Bijan has an extroverted personality; he is also incredibly welcoming and patient!

Hana Hennin

Personal Assistant and Project Coordinator
Hana is Pasha's versatile Personal Assistant and a Project Coordinator at Hestia. With a keen eye for organization and dedication, she manages website tasks, property oversight, and client liaison before and after projects. Her efficiency extends to team management, scheduling, and bookkeeping, ensuring smooth operations. Count on her for support and aftercare consulting. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, going to the gym, and dancing.