Home Comfort services

Here at Hestia Smart Living company, our first and last aim is to provide home residents with a comfortable and functional environment. Hestia has a team of professional experts and specialists with extraordinary experience in consultant, design, installation, and many more services in the concept of smart home solutions. Our history and rich portfolio show our commitment to the quality and function of delivering home comfort to our clients. We are working closely with our clients to be aware of the details and innate they have in mind to find the best smart home solution for comfortable smart living. They can have their very own private cinema, customized lighting system, smart heating and cooling systems, and even smart pools in their home with smart controls and elegant designs to live calmly, stress-free, and happily.

A/V Distribution

The A/V distribution system allows you to distribute audio and video around the entire house, as well as simultaneously viewing or listening to the same content in different spaces of your home. Different ceiling, wall, and bookshelf speakers that match the decor. Using a universal WIFI remote control, choose to access a variety of audio or video media, including Sky, CCTV, Airplay, or Spotify, you choose.

We also guarantee that our systems are fully integrated with different streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Netflix, or Amazon to meet your entertainment needs.

Blind & Security Systems

Hestia puts our client’s safety above all else. When you are away or while you sleep in. Hestia security systems take care of your safety; alarm, cameras, smoke, and leak sensors. The house monitors and reacts to alert all the inhabitants of any problems.

Automated blinds are the perfect addition to any home, combining smart technology with style, to provide a practical and secure home solution.

Installing automated blinds can increase energy efficiency, as blinds help to maintain your property’s temperature while preserving expensive furnishings and artwork by preventing sun exposure.

Automated blinds also add an extra layer of home security – with remote control, homeowners can eliminate the illusion of a vacant property by scheduling blinds throughout their time away. This additional security feature is also a key selling point for your property.

As with all our integrated tailor-made solutions, we provide a full installation service as standard.

Hestia home Comfort

To have the symphony of comfort playing in your life, adding a smart home system is a guarantee for it. We live in the modern age, and wireless automation systems can revolutionize the meaning of home comfort for us. The integration of cutting-edge technologies such as smart lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning will create an unparalleled living experience for smart homeowners. To have smart home comfort in your Cheshire home or Manchester, you just need to make a call to us at Hestia Smart Living, which has a good reputation and experience in luxury smart home systems and services. We are offering professional and bespoke HVAC services for your home.

What is the definition of a smart home?

Consider a building with the latest technologies all around it that allows you to control every aspect of it remotely and brings you more home comfort and peace of mind. You can define this as a smart home, comfort home, smart living, connected home, and automated home. In-home comfort automation, homeowners can control lighting, thermostats, air conditioners, blinds, and many more smart appliances in the home with a remote control or voice commands.

The function of Smart Home

In a smart home, an intelligent system is responsible for networking every component together. This function is the main technical reason for flexibility in the operation of home techs based on extensive data collecting. Smart homes are formed from a central controlling system that is connected to the internet and known as a hub, and then by processing the generated data from sensors, automatically check them with user specifications to issue the necessary commands to devices such as lights, thermostats, air conditioner, blinds and other aspects that make a comfort home. For example, it checks every room temperature for efficient heat or cooling control based on individual preferences. All these processes can be done from a mobile application, a wall pad, or local remote-control devices.

What is the meaning of Home Comfort?

The exact meaning of a comfort home is a condition of well-being that the lighting, temperature and shading needed at your home will be covered by an wireless automation system. In such a home, you can dedicate as much light as you need during the day and night by controlling them with smart blinds throughout the day and with dimmers at night to make the most calm and enjoyable space for your home. An experienced and reputable company like Hestia Smart Living can help you to find the best solution to build your comfort home.

Why do you need home comfort ?

Enhanced wellbeing

A comfortable environment that is designed and functions to meet your needs can reduce your stress level significantly. From controlling the soft color of the lights, which can be set or dimmed by your preferences, to automated blinds to calm the environment for your relaxation, all of this and more is available at your fingertips. Also, home comfort has optimal lighting, temperature, and air conditioning, which can provide improved sleep quality, essential to leading a productive and healthy lifestyle. Living in an optimal and comfortable space can result in increasing the level of serotonin in your blood to elevate your mood and bring you a sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Increased Functionality

Home comfort can lead us to use our living spaces efficiently. With smart solutions, optimized storage, and many other aspects of a smart home, we can maximize space utilization and create a clutter-free space. Our experts can design your home with your specific needs in mind to make it more accessible and make home comfort for all members of the house. Moreover, using wireless home automation systems will allow home members to have their own personalized atmosphere that tailors their preferences and hobbies.

Strengthened Relationships

Design your own living room or smart home cinema to have quality time with your family and friends. It’s a place to welcome and host your friends for activities, movie nights, and cozy gatherings in a pleasant and organized environment.

Home Comfort Aspects

A home comfort is a collection of several smart services:

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems are the most appropriate replacement for traditional lighting at home. Smart home automation comes with customized and beautiful programmed wall panels and light bulbs. You can control every single one of the lights separately or all of them at once. Moreover, there are pre-set scenes to choose from that suit any occasion to experience the lighting control wonder. Smart light bulbs can connect to a WiFi network and pair with a controller such as a smart mobile or tablet or smart assistants like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple Home Kit. While watching TV, dim the lights in the early mornings, light up the room, and turn the outside lights on by evening. Smart lighting automation systems allow homeowners to set schedules and program the lights for automatic on/off. The function of smart lights brings comfort and convenience to your daily routine tasks, and it’s beneficial for your home security when you are not at home. Our experts in Hestia SL, with excellent experience in the design and installation of smart lighting, are ready to listen to your demands to find the best solution for your property.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are designed to easily control your home temperature and every individual room with a voice command or a touch on your phone or tablet. They connect the central heating system of your home to an internet network to make it possible to control it wirelessly everywhere you are. Smart thermostats can monitor your energy usage and give you data about it to optimize it. Also, they can track your habits and learn to offer you a plan for automatic temperature optimization. Our experts suggest that you choose the Control4 wireless thermostat. This reliable and sophisticated thermostat is equipped with built-in HVAC control to deliver you the right temperature, efficiency, and comfort level. Smart thermostats are one of the more affordable smart home solutions that you need to add to your house.

Smart Blinds

Forget about those days when you have to deal with pulling the curtains up and down; with smart blind systems, you can control them remotely even without needing your absence at home. If you want to watch a movie simply by touching a button, pulling the blinds down, and dimming the light at the same time with ease, this combination (blinds and lighting) results in home comfort with more energy efficiency.

Smart Air Conditioner

Smart AC is an air conditioner with the capability of connecting to WiFi to be controlled remotely with a smartphone or remote. Mostly, the best place to install the smart AC is mounted to windows or walls, and you can set the program on your smart air conditioner to function automatically at a specific temperature.

NOTE: It’s important to note that a smart air conditioner differs from a smart thermostat. There is a big difference in the popularity of using smart thermostats and smart air conditioners. A thermostat feels the home air conditioner and delivers it to the air conditioner unit to function.

Advantages of a Smart Home


Home comfort is the aim of smart home systems. A fully connected home allows residents of the house to add any customization on every single device with smart capability throughout the home. Home members’ preferences and needs are the most important factors in designing and installing smart home systems. From controlling the lights of the home and the temperature of the individual rooms to monitoring your home when you are at work and answering the delivery man can be done with just a smartphone, which brings you comfort and peace of mind. You can manage almost all electronic devices and components of your home with a wireless automation system.

Saving Energy

To manage your bills and enhance the energy efficiency of your home, you can trust smart home systems. Smart heating systems and air conditioners can help you efficiently use energy and lead you to save money on bills. Smart thermostats can detect your absence and react to climate changes, improving the optimization of energy use. The thermostats can be programmed to function before you arrive home, or you can turn it on/off remotely to save time, money, and energy wherever you are. They can determine the ideal temperature based on habits and environmental conditions. All of your on-essential electrical appliances can be switched off with a touch of your fingertips to save more energy.


Monitoring your home safety is another valuable advantage of smart home systems. With the motion detector sensors, every minor movement can be seen, and the cameras are always watching your property and giving you live access to see what’s going on inside or outside of your property. No need to worry about locking the doors with the smart locks; just check the security system on your mobile to see what the status of the locks is. You can set a text or call alert system to warn you when someone or something enters your home or backyard, and instantly, you will be able to check the cameras even when you are outside.