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Hestia offers you your own private cinema with solutions and features with the highest performance. Immersive image, sound, and lighting along with luxury seats, controls, and design that enhance the experience of going to see a premiere at the cinema in your city, but without leaving your home.

Our integrated service ranges from Home Cinema furniture, acoustic design, lighting, sound control, and automation adapted to the room to guarantee a disruptive cinematographic experience and raising the comfort of our clients within their own home.

Just like other aspects of wireless home automation systems, audio-visual technology has advanced in recent years; now, you can bring a whole cinema or theater to your home thanks to the smart home ecosystems. Design and installation of a Home Cinema is not such a complicated process, from super giants’ smart TVs with a maximum resolution of 8K to professional 5.1 surround sound systems to your smart living. The emergence of IoT has significantly impacted our quality of life; thanks to IoT and smart living technologies, you can lie down on your couch and enjoy your customized home cinema with your family. Our consultants in Hestiasl as one of the most experts in home cinema room interior design cheshire are ready to help you about the overall design and choosing the suitable equipment for your smart home cinema.

Home Cinema Furniture design in Cheshire

What is a smart Home Cinema?

Smart home cinema, also known as “smart home theater,” is a combination of smart, innovative audio and visual instruments that you can add to your traditional living room or specific space of your house to transform it into a personal cinema that is customized and designed based on your demands. Smart home cinemas bring joy to your favorite TV shows, movies, and online streams and even it will revolutionize your gaming experience. 

How does Smart Home Cinema work?

Behind the sense of how home cinema operates is a wireless home automation system. It provides a central hub that connects all your devices seamlessly and allows you to control them through a single interface like a smartphone app or voice commands with voice assistants’ help. The key components of a smart home cinema are:


Projectors or large-screen TVs are the superstars of the scene. You can choose between high-resolution 4K projectors that deliver stunning visuals or OLED TVs with the highest resolution possible, which provides incredible contrast and vibrant colors.


Enjoy surround sound systems with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, which creates a multi-dimensional soundscape by putting you right in the heart of the scene.

Control System

Control system is like a Cherry on the top of the cake of the smart living ecosystem, a command center that coordinates everything from lighting and screens to audio and streaming services with just a single touch or voice commands. One of the most popular options is Control4, which is our experts and specialists’ suggestion. 

Smart Devices

Devices are adding a magic touch to your life. Smart lights dim automatically for movie nights, motorized blinds whoosh down to prevent any distractions, and smart thermostats adjust the temperature for optimal comfort.

Home Cinema design in Greater Manchester

How to make a Smart Home Cinema in Cheshire?

If you are a movie or game enthusiast with a deep passion for watching movies in a dedicated space, you can create a smart home cinema. Whether you have a spacious basement or a cozy living room nook in Cheshire, there’s a setup to suit your needs and budget. To have the most delightful experience of your smart home cinema, you need to consider some factors in the whole process of adding this technology to your home. You can ask experts about the following subjects, and one of the most reliable experts in  home cinema room interior design Cheshire is Hestiasl.


Consider the size and layout of your room. If you don’t have a dedicated space, you need to consider choosing a specific space as your cinema room where you can share functions with another area. It’s essential because it can influence screen size, speaker placement, and seating arrangements.


You can break the bank or choose budget-friendly cinema equipment for your wireless home automation. Setting a realistic budget for your home cinema design, equipment, installation, and potential renovations is essential. Make sure you have the idea of future upgrades and expansion plans in mind.

Essential Equipment

  • Display: Projectors or large-screen TVs
  • Audio System: Surround sound system with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X
  • Smart Home Hub: such as Control4, etc.
  • Smart Devices: Smart lights, shades, thermostats, etc.
  • Streaming platforms: Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, Fire TV, etc.
  • Comfortable Seating: Plush recliners or a luxurious sofa.

Bespoke custome Home Cinema in Altrincham

Smart Home Integration

Remember to choose a compatible hub for your home cinema that allows you to control all your devices in one place; this will reduce the marginal cost.

Another point to keep in mind is about the voice assistants like Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant that offer you hands-free control for an extra layer of convenience.

Automation enables you to up scenes and routines to adjust lighting, temperature, and audio automatically for movie nights, gaming sessions, or other activities without touching anything just by turning the system on.

Comfort and Design

By investing in comfortable seating that provides good back support and reclines for an optimal viewing experience, you can save money on features and take care of your health. Hestia Smart Living is a custom home cinema Wilmslow company that can help you in choosing smart lights with automatically dimming capability for movie nights and creating different ambiance for different situations. The design of your cinema needs to contain both functional and visually appealing objectives. Consider furniture, flooring, and decorations that complement your style and the overall atmosphere.

Home Cinema Furniture

To improve the experience of your personal smart home cinema, the addition of comfortable and cozy home cinema furniture with a proper design for long movie sessions is important. You have many options in choosing home cinema furniture, including seating such as sofas and chairs, media consoles, and other furniture like coffee tables, side tables, and rugs. For example, home cinema furniture comes in a variety of configurations; it can be individual chairs or loveseats and sofas; by having standard-size furniture with high-quality materials such as leather, fabric, and microfiber, you can add a touch of luxury and comfort to your home cinema furniture. 

Benefits of a Smart Home Cinema

Mainly, there are multiple options for a smart home cinema solution:

  1. A) Custom-design home cinema to deliver a complete cinema experience in a specific room of the house. 
  2. B) Multi-function TV rooms that transform from ordinary rooms to cinematic caves.
  3. C) The next level of TV rooms has a bespoke media room. 

All of them have many benefits for homeowners, including: 

Complete Comfort and Convenience

Typical cinema experience can have some issues, but with your own smart home theater, which can be done by a home cinema installation Cheshire specialist like Hestiasl, you will never be worried about such troubles happening again. You can watch the movie while relaxing on a sofa with your loved ones and enjoy an uninterrupted cinematic experience just in a room at your own home. 

Lighting And Ambiance

A customized home cinema enables you to create a more ambient and immersive experience by synchronizing your lighting system with your home theater. Press the play, and the rest is on your wireless home automation system to change the atmosphere and enhance your viewing experience.

Engineered Surround Sound

Your custom-designed home cinema has many speakers that you can choose between, such as mounted speakers, in-wall, and in-ceiling speakers. You will enjoy distributed and truly immersive surround sounds with a perfectly placed and calibrated system.

Personal and Private space

Movie theaters are great experiences to watch your favorite movie, but you can’t control who will be sitting behind or near you in the theater. With a home theater, it will be only you and whoever else you invite in. You are the person who controls the environment, and with your own luxury theater seats, customized lighting design, and incredible audio and video, what else do you need?  

Ultimate Video Game Experience

It’s not just a ‘home cinema’. You should consider it a bespoke, high-end home theater that can respond to every type of screen-based entertainment you demand. Gamers have the same attitude as movie fans about installing a smart home cinema. Connect your console to the home cinema, and pure joy is the rest. You are going to play your favorite games in UHD, 4K or 8K resolution, with surround sound and atmospheric lighting.

How can Hestiasl help you?

Hestia is known for home cinema room interior design Cheshire and  custom home cinema Wilmslow, which offers your own private cinema with solutions and features with the highest performance. With the guidance of our consultants and specialists, you will take advantage of the immersive image, sound, and lighting along with luxury seats, controls, and design that enhance the experience of going to see a premiere at the cinema in your city, but without leaving your home.

The key to the improvement of your smart living environment is in the safe hands of our experts at Hestia Smart Living company. Our integrated service ranges from Home Cinema furniture, acoustic design, lighting, sound control, and automation adapted to the room to guarantee a disruptive cinematographic experience and raise the comfort of our clients within their own homes.