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Anticipation of your needs by your home and devices is no longer a dream or just taught. Today, some smart home systems seamlessly blend technology with Comfort and luxury for your safety and peace of mind. That’s where a company like Control4’s role is crucial: a leading provider of smart home automation solutions. Control4 is not simple gadgets and devices; it’s a combination of a unified ecosystem where lights, sound, climate, security, and entertainment become smart and flawlessly respond to your touch, voice, or even your schedule.

In this blog post, we are going to introduce home automation, how you can take advantage of smart homes, Control4 and why you should use it, Control4 dealer in Great Manchester and how to choose one, a brief about Hestia Smart Living Company as a dealer of Control4 in Great Manchester.

Control4 dealer in cheshire

Home Automation

A home automation system brings you a level of ease in your daily life that you have never experienced before. Even on a larger scale and in many aspects of your routines, you can do tasks without the need to push any button. An automation system transforms your manual home into a smart powerhouse where you can control lighting, thermostats, security devices, lawn sprinklers, coffee machines, motorized window treatments, and other devices in addition to audio and video equipment. 

Your house will be precisely in the right mood you need in seconds, even if you are still on the way home, and all you have to do is hit a button on your smartphone, tablet, or any other controller. 

There is no need to say that having an automation system to control the lights, temperature, and other things in your home at the same time for any situation, from preparing coffee in the morning to adjusting lights and temperature when you want to get sleep, is a great convenience and time saver for your routines. However, there are various advantages of installation of a customized automated system that we are going to mention here for one of the leading automation systems for smart living Control4:

Enhancement for Security and Safety

The automation systems can provide excellent protection for your house and your family when you are not around, especially if you have a little kid. You will have the upper hand with the addition of a home security system that will provide a greater dosage of security. When an alarm goes off, your house security system will automatically call the provider, and then they will call you or anyone you choose to contact. By linking your automation system to a network, you will get a text alert instantly about the entrance to your house when a motion sensor detects it. By connecting the smart security camera to your smartphone, the automation system will minimize the possibility of unauthorized entrance to your property by letting you have live footage of your home and have an appropriate response to the situation in a second with your phone.

Never miss any task again

Imagine that kids leave the lights on downstairs, or you forget about turning on the light when you are leaving the house in a hurry, or close the windows of the main bedroom, or an adolescent forgets to shut the garage door; what are you gonna do in such moments? A home automation system is a solution to all these mentioned distractions; it monitors events wirelessly inside and around the home and delivers the information to you, no matter whether you are at home or away on a vacation or business. You can have this real-time status on a smartphone, tablet, smart monitor, TV, or wall pad, and you will be able to reply correctly to the event with this knowledge. For example, you can turn off all the lights with the help of the Control4 voice controller. Give a command like Alexa, turn off the kitchen, or Hey Google, dime the living room lights to 60%.

Control4 installation

Energy Efficiency and Comfort 

Thanks to the Control4 home automation system, you can keep your house at its most comfortable and, at the same time, an efficient energy-saving mode. Adjusting thermostats, arranging blinders, and manually turning the lights on and off is really challenging, especially when you just got up from a deep sleep right now. To save energy, by the addition of a smart home system, thermostats can be pre-programmed by specialists or yourself to decrease the temperature at night or about the lights; you can set a specific time to turn all the lights off a moment before bedtime. On the other hand, before you wake up, the thermostat will automatically set the ideal temperature based on the inside situation. Meanwhile, the lights in the living room and kitchen will be turned on, and the drapes can be opened if it’s cloudy outside with Control4’s Mockupancy setting while you are hearing light music in your bed to wake you up gently.

Enjoy the Automated life

Control4 home automation application will enable you to have complete control over how your house and its elements should operate. Whether you desire more relaxation or to make your home into an entertainment powerhouse or everything in between, the choice is completely at your fingertips and voice commands. For example, ask your smart speakers to play your favorite music in the kitchen, and then when you leave it, resume it in your working room; then ask your voice assistant to dim the light of the media room and keep it updated based on the light of the movie. Use from the smartphone, tablet, keypad, or wall touch screens to monitor and control the lights, thermostats, and any other electronic devices.

control 4 experts in Manchester and Cheshire


Control4 stands as a premier choice in smart home automation systems for homes and businesses. They are famous because of their commitment to delivering a seamless and personalized experience to homeowners. Control4 has many services, a smart home platform that is diverse in a range of systems to automate and control connected devices such as lighting, climate control, audio and video, intercom, and security. They provide homeowners with a unified control center; whether it’s adjusting the lighting to create the perfect ambiance, managing security systems, or enjoying a home theater experience, Control4 offers a comprehensive solution.

Control4 has over 15 years of experience, and it is the flagship smart home automation brand for Snap One. Their operating system runs on tens of thousands of third-party products and is available in over 100 countries. More than 15 million connected devices all around the world in 457k homes are using Control4. Installation of the Control4 system will be done through authorized dealers. One of these dealers that closely cooperates with Control4 is Hestiasl headquarters in Manchester, Greater Manchester. They can install and configure the hardware, and then their specialists will customize the software to justify the homeowner’s technology needs.

Control4 Dealer in Greater Manchester

It’s really important to know who designed and made installations of your automation home. Proper development and installation by a skilled specialists home automation dealer will be a game changer. There is no exception in this subject for Control4 systems, like many other home automation devices that exist on the market. 

It should be mentioned that you need to consider there are many differences that exist among systems, most notable in their engineering of control platforms. Some systems may be capable of controlling almost anything, but doing an all-in-one control requires extensive and costly programming. Or imagine you have a system that comes with a plethora of gorgeous user interfaces; this is good news and beneficial, but what if the style and design of the control menus come with different interfaces? This is where homeowners may need help to learn them all, which is a serious issue. Control4 has integrated various unique technologies into its operating systems to avoid problems, as we mentioned. With the help of Control4, automation will be an easy, uncomplicated, and economical option for homes. These specifications of Control4 make it a leading company in the home automation industry. Here are some of the top reasons why you should use Control4 dealer in great Manchester as your home automation system:

Control4 consultant

Huge and ever-expanding ecosystem

One of the most attractive aspects of the Control4 automation platform is the simplicity of adding it to the devices. Thanks to their drivers, there are more than 7,500 distinct items from many different manufacturers that can join the Control4 ecosystem, with just a minor requirement of programming and engineering that can be done by your Control4 home automation dealer in Great Manchester. They almost have a driver for any electronic equipment or smart items that you have in your house. This exists on any programmable thermostats, dimmer switches, pool and spa systems, and energy monitoring equipment. You don’t need to have a total replacement on your technological overhaul; with a Control4 system as a simple but functional addition to your house, you can have the transformation you demand. You can still love your old-fashioned systems and continue to use them, but you can also automate a wide range of new items with the addition of Control4 nearby.

Compatible controlling system

There are many home automation systems out there, and some of them that have recently been on the market are faced with many limitations in terms of what they are designed to handle. In such cases, homeowners have to acquire multiple equipment to operate various gadgets in the home and utilize different applications. Control4 is the solution you can count on. It allows you to have a single app that controls and combines several subsystems. This application will be the same across all user interfaces, so it will be easy to learn and use it. Homeowners are able to engage with a home automation system via many forms of user interfaces, but this would be beneficial when the structure and navigation of control menus were stable and compatible across all interfaces, whether it’s an IOS or Android mobile device, keypads, touchpads, remote control and other. It means that you should be able to control your home from wherever you are and every controller you use. This consistency of control advantage of the Control4 automation system leads users to a faster ability to learn and use the system. Controle4 is usable for anyone of any age, from 5-year-old children to a 99-year-old human; they can use it on any device because its interface and operation are the same in all of them.

Hestiasl as a Control4 Dealer in Greater Manchester

For people who live in Greater Manchester and are looking for a technological transformation for their homes to turn them into smart living spaces, choosing the right Control4 dealer is a crucial decision. A perfect Control4 dealer in Greater Manchester serves as the gateway to unlocking the system’s full potential, providing expertise, installation services, and ongoing support. As mentioned above, a reputed and successful company known as a Control4 dealer in Great Manchester, especially in Cheshire and the surrounding countryside, is Hestia Smart Living (Hestiasl). We are a smart solution company with specialists and expertise in design, consultants, installation, and along with others. With extensive expertise and experience in smart home ecosystems, examples of many proven track records of success in the role of Control4 dealer in Great Manchester, various range of services exclusively for Control4 products, and cost transparency for our clients, we guarantee that you are going to choose the right company to put the future of your own home on their safe hands.


In the heart of Greater Manchester, where tradition meets modernity, the integration of Control4 smart home technology by a reputable dealer like Hestia Smart Living Company becomes a transformative journey. A smart home’s advantages, including convenience, energy efficiency, security, and customization, are brought to your transformed home through a seamless and intelligently designed system. Choosing a Control4 dealer in Greater Manchester is not just about acquiring technology; it’s about entrusting your vision of a smart home to experts who understand the nuances of both the technology and the local living experience. With the services of Hestiasl as the best Control4 dealer in Greater Manchester, residents of Greater Manchester can turn their homes into interconnected, automated, and personalized living spaces.


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