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Hestia is a premier Home Automation Company specializing in luxury Smart Home design and installation throughout the Cheshire region—including Chester, Wilmslow, Altrincham, Birkenhead, Northwich, Knutsford, Alderley Edge, and Wilmslow—is dedicated to helping you discover the perfect home automation solution. Our comprehensive services include smart home consulting, interior design, smart lighting and lighting design, custom home cinema creation, smart pool and spa systems, and home comfort solutions, among others. Explore our impressive portfolio of luxury lightings and smart home projects, meticulously crafted by our specialized and experienced team of experts and designers, to witness our professionalism firsthand. Contact Hestia today to embark on your home transformation journey and find the ideal solution tailored to your needs and expectations.

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Cheshire, a geographic and historic county and former administrative county of northwestern England. It borders Wales to the west, the Dee and Mersey estuaries to the northwest, and is flanked by the Pennine uplands. In the heart of Cheshire, where quaint meets contemporary, the buzz around home automation is taking center stage. Imagine you step into your abode in Cheshire, greeted by soft, warm light as your favorite playlist spills from hidden speakers in the wall. A cup of coffee appears on your table, precisely to your liking. Sounds like a dreamy fantasy, right? That’s wrong! This is the everyday reality brought to life by the wonder of home automation. This article will explore the world of home automation in Cheshire.

Home Automation Systems

A smart home automation system is defined as a combination of technology and interior design to create your dream home. These systems let you apply automation to the previously controlled in-isolation devices to transform them into smart home devices. The simplest and best example is light switches; in ordinary homes, when you arrive home from shopping and your hands are full, you have to put the shopping on the floor to turn the lights on. Still, in a home that is equipped with an automation system, lights will turn on just by stepping into the front door of the yard, or even more, you can turn them on with your mobile phone before you arrive home. One of the most famous companies in Cheshire that is an expert and Specialist in smart home automation systems, especially in smart lighting, is Hestiasl.
UK leading Home Automation company have lots of Experts and Specialists in Design and Installation

Smart home automation companies brings lighting, security, heating, entertainment, and more together in a command center system that seamlessly works together to save time, money, and energy. Thus, smart home solutions reach beyond than just turning on a single light switch with your voice assistant. They are designed to make everyday life easier by allowing you to control and operate everything together with a single app, screen, or remote, and they can also be programmed to operate independently. Smart living is the future, and with the help of a home automation company in Cheshire, you can build your comfort zone to live smart.

The Rise of Home Automation in Cheshire

To shift your lifestyle with modern technological solutions and desire for more comfort in routine life, home automation is a new beginning in Cheshire to reach convenience, energy efficiency, and security, which led homeowners to explore the possibilities of smart living.

Hestiasl: UK leading Home Automation company

Hestiasl is one of the best and most innovative companies in Cheshire, UK, with 10+ years of experience. They work as a technology consultant to give you customized solutions centered around your demands. Integration and an all-inclusive approach set them apart from other companies. Their international team produces exclusive packages for esteemed customers to make sure the perfect balance is reachable. Their main goal, with notable attention to detail and a keen eye for creativity, is to complement the architecture and interior design of customers’ homes and also a hands-on practical automation specification to them.

Cheshireleading Home Automation Experts
The Smart Home solutions are not one size fits all; you can have many customizations on the perfect solutions that suit all sorts of spaces and budgets. Their smart home professionals are experts at turning your house into a dream haven. Hestiasl, as an official representative of Control4 Keypads, offers different solutions:

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is not just beautiful switches and dimmable bulbs; it’s much more these. You can add custom lighting scenes to have energy efficiency and increase safety and security. Also, just by the touch of a button, this will allow you to control various smart products in your home at once.
Lighting has evolved beyond a mere utility, becoming an essential aesthetic element in homes. It enhances experiences, from creating an ideal movie-viewing atmosphere to setting the mood for gatherings or date nights. With diverse configurations and budget-friendly options, smart lighting transforms spaces across homes, whether old or new. Automated features, such as lights anticipating your arrival and motion sensors providing hands-free illumination, redefine convenience. The Hestiasl, as an official representative of Control4 Keypads, offers customizable buttons, extending control beyond lights to music, locks, and more, simplifying home management with a single press. The era of traveling room-to-room to manage lights and devices is replaced by seamless, personalized smart lighting solutions. (See also: Control4 Installers in Cheshire)

Multi-Room Audio

Playing all your favorite streaming services in one area or every room is not a drama anymore. Enjoy the finest tracks in the highest quality, with music as it was meant to be heard.

Climate Control

The thermostat setting struggle can finally be over. Set up with temperature control that everyone in the family can agree on! Smart scheduling, voice control, and even interfaces with shades and fans are all available. It’s like your old home, except more cozy.

Home Automation Specialists in Cheshire

Home Security

Consider how safe you’d feel if your house gave you real-time messages, notified you of visitors at the door, and even switched on lights and TVs while you’re gone to thwart home invasions.

Intercom Anywhere

The power of monitoring your house and interacting with your family is at your fingertips. An intercom system, smart doorbell, video communication tool, and more are all rolled into one appealing and simple-to-use app.

Home Network

A powerful, dependable home network is the cornerstone of any smart home sanctuary, and you want to avoid scrimping on something you use every day. Begin your smart home adventure with a solid network.

All in one Remote

The contemporary clicker is more potent than ever before. A dependable method of controlling your home’s entertainment is now available throughout the entire house! Lighting, blinds, audio, and security are all literally in the palm of your hand.

Aspects of Smart Home Automation

Every technological innovation comes with complexities; don’t panic, curious inhabitants of Cheshire. Let’s take a look at all aspects of smart home automation and then make some examples of completed projects.
Essential Components of Smart Homes
A smart home is not just a fancy gadget, it’s a combination of devices, sensors, and systems working harmonically. Here are the key aspects of a smart home:


The Conductor

The Smart Hubs: Hubs are kinda the brain of your smart home. They receive information from sensors, devices, and even yourself, and coordinates their actions. To have seamless communication, You should choose a compatible hub with your preferred ecosystem between Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, etc.)
The Instruments
Smart Devices: Devices such as lights, thermostats, locks, and appliances are the performers in your smart home ecosystem.

The Eyes and Ears

Sensors: These types of equipment work silently behind the scenes by gathering information about your home’s environment, like temperature, motion, or moisture. These data are used to ensure efficiency and security.
The Voice of Command
Smart Assistants: Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are your friendly voice assistants that allow you to interact with your smart home devices hands-free. Use voice commands to adjust lights, play music, or even control your smart fridge!
The Network: It’s the invisible conductor’s baton of your whole system. A robust Wi-Fi or Z-Wave network ensures smooth communication between all your smart home components.

Examples of Smart Home Solutions

Here we are bringing some examples of a smart home automation project in Cheshire that was done by Hestiasl company.

Offland Villa in Cheshire

Services: Lighting, blind control, pool control, home cinema, climate control & A/V distribution.
Designed by the infamous Swedish architect Vasco Trigueiros. The three-story villa has five bedrooms and has been featured in The Grand Design for its unique architecture and features.
Hestia installed a complete home automation system that includes lighting control, blind control, AV distribution, an irrigation system, an automated heat recovery system, and a Tesla renewable energy system.

a Portfolio of Home Automation in Cheshire: HestiaSL company

Hilltop in Cheshire

Services: Lighting, blind control, pool control, home cinema, climate control & A/V distribution.
Hilltop is a luxury property in one of the most desirable districts of the country that combines architectural expertise and elegance throughout. The four-story, 9,000-square-foot house has an internal lift, five-bedroom suites, a leisure area, and an 11-meter swimming pool and sauna.

Hestia team designed and constructed a bespoke automation system in collaboration with the developers to exceed any homeowner’s expectations and embrace every high-end component of this gorgeous residence.
Hestia team offered controls for the swimming pool and jacuzzi for the home’s outstanding leisure space on the top floor, as well as lighting design and control for audio and video distribution and remote access from anywhere on the house via touchpads.


Services: Project management, Interior design, Lighting design, home spa, home automation, audio distribution, temperature control systems.
Location: Prestbury, Cheshire
Waterbank is a luxury-developed complex that is comprised of six detached family homes in one of the country’s most sought-after regions, combining current architectural expertise and technology throughout.

Design and Installation of Smart home automation
Each house has three storeys and five-bedroom suites, a leisure area, and a home theater. Hestia’s team devised and constructed a bespoke interior design package and technology solution in collaboration with the developers to exceed any homeowner’s expectations and incorporate every high-end component of these gorgeous houses.
The Hestia team installed swimming pools and jacuzzi controls in two of the homes in this stunning development. They also integrated lighting design and control, as well as audio and video delivery, allowing the owner to provide access from anywhere on the property by touchpads or remotely., allowing us to provide access from anywhere on the property by touchpads or remotely.

Sadlers House

Services: Lighting, blind control, pool control, home cinema, climate control & A/V distribution.
Location: Cheshire
Sadlers House is a truly astonishing villa near Knutsford, Cheshire. It has 7 Bedroom Mansion, located in a 7-acre land, overlooking some of the most beautiful scenery in the area.
Hestia team established a complete home automation system including lighting control, music distribution, blinds control, pool control, and a very impressive 4K-UHD, Dolby Atmos Cinema.

Installation of Smart home automation


home automation installers in cheshire

Experience peace of mind with our top-tier home automation installers in Cheshire, delivering meticulous and reliable installation services right to your doorstep. Entrust your home automation needs to our seasoned professionals, who ensure the utmost precision and efficiency throughout the installation process.

At Hestia Smart Living, we take pride in our proficient team of smart home automation installers, dedicated to serving our esteemed clientele with excellence. Whether your project is large or small, our adept installation contractors handle it with finesse, providing valuable insights and guidance tailored to your specific requirements. Count on our experts to assess your needs meticulously and assist you in selecting the perfect installers for your projects. With Hestia Smart House Installation, rest assured that your home automation aspirations are in capable hands.

Experts in Home Automation Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world, the smart home automation revolution offers a lifeline to homeowners juggling demanding work schedules or frequent travel commitments. Through the seamless integration of wireless home automation systems, you gain unparalleled control over every aspect of your home, regardless of your physical location. Picture this: effortlessly dimming the lights, fine-tuning the temperature, or even remotely operating your garage doors and security systems—all at your fingertips, via your smartphone or a universal remote control. With Hestia SL at your service, the possibilities are limitless. Our expert team specializes in installing a myriad of home automation systems and appliances, tailored to complement the luxurious essence of your home. Whether you’re halfway across the globe or just steps away, the power to monitor, manage, and mold your living environment to your preferences remains firmly within your grasp. Embrace the future with home automation installation—a testament to convenience, comfort, and modernity.

 Smart home automation designers in cheshire

Smart lighting

Enables residents to control home lighting, including dimming the lights, automating lighting on/off by scheduling and motion detection sensors, and adjusting the light based on the mode, where you can change the color and temperature and everything between.

Shading (Smart Blinds)

Don’t worry about the sunlight that bothers you in the early mornings anymore. By setting a program on the blinds or at the touch of a button on your smartphone, you can open individual shades or draw all the blinds at once.

Climate Control

By incorporating a smart thermostat into your home, you unlock a realm of possibilities. Not only does it adapt to your temperature preferences over time, but it also allows you to establish tailored schedules for daily, weekly, or monthly temperature adjustments. Furthermore, leveraging real-time data on external weather conditions, it intelligently regulates indoor temperatures to optimize energy usage. With a plethora of customizable options, including personalized temperature settings, the smart thermostat offers unparalleled versatility in enhancing your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Smart Locks

While often integrated into comprehensive home security systems, smart locks and doorbells also shine in their standalone capabilities. They empower you to remotely secure your home, promptly respond to visitors via smart doorbells, and even facilitate pet access with a single touch, enabling seamless entry for your furry companions—even while you’re away at work.

Smart Security System

This comprehensive system integrates an array of devices and systems, including CCTV, smart locks, motion-detecting sensors, smoke detectors, and beyond. With this setup, you gain access to live footage of your property, the ability to remotely control door access, and receive instant notifications via SMS or phone calls upon any entry. Moreover, you can effortlessly arm or disarm your home security system from anywhere using your smartphone. Welcome to the future of home security.

leading Home Automation Cheshire

Custom Home Cinema

Elevate your home entertainment experience with a bespoke home cinema, designed to redefine comfort and luxury. Our custom setups seamlessly integrate cutting-edge A/V distribution systems, featuring state-of-the-art video projectors and expansive smart TVs. Nestled amidst plush luxury seating and automated blinds, every detail is meticulously crafted to immerse you in the authentic ambiance of a cinematic masterpiece—all within the comfort of your own home.

Hestia SL as Home Automation  Company in Cheshire


At Hestia, we prioritize close client relationships to grasp their needs thoroughly. Starting with a consultation, we tailor wireless home automation solutions to your specifications. Our expertise extends to interior design, ensuring your system aligns with your vision. The next step is design, where our experienced experts in interior design (or we will partner with the best one) will design your smart home automation system according to your description of what you need/want. After this stage, Hestia, which is a Lutron and Control4 dealer throughout the Cheshire region that includes Altrincham, Wilmslow, Chester, Birkenhead, Northwich, Knutsford, and Alderley Edge, will help you to choose the best and most relevant system and appliances for your home, even if you already have smart devices, our consultants can help you to figure it out if they are compatible with your system or not. When it comes to the installation stage, Hestia as a UK leading home automation company, has a good reputation in  smart home installation in the Cheshire region. Our expert installers work with our company to provide the most professional smart home installation services for your luxury house in Cheshire and Greater Manchester. In addition, our installers excel in troubleshooting and resolving system issues, providing comprehensive after-sale services such as repairs, maintenance (including system updates), and any other assistance you may require from a home automation system installer.

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