Lutron smart lighting installers in Cheshire and Wilmslow 

When it comes to choosing the right company for your smart home equipment, Lutron is one of the most respected and reputable businesses in this industry. Lutron is known as a technology-centered and people-driven company with a bright history in smart innovations that started in New York City. Lutron comes with a vast range of smart lighting control systems for every type of need, from a single dimmer to total light management systems to control entire building lighting systems. A wireless home automation system, specifically in lighting controllers, is an essential addition to homes. On the commercial side, smart lighting could also be used in hotels, restaurants, retail stores, conference facilities, educational facilities, hospitals, museums, and other public spaces. 

In the same direction, Hesiasl is one of the Lutron smart lighting installers in Cheshire and Wilmslow. With a team of elite experts and specialists in design, construction, and installation, you will quickly have unlimited access and support to high-quality services for your Lutron smart lighting equipment in Cheshire and Wilmslow.
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Lutron smart lighting experts in Cheshire and Wilmslow 

Lutron Electronics 

Lutron Electronics is recognised as a leading provider of wireless lighting control systems and smart home solutions.The most successful and famous product is dimmers, which allow you to control the intensity of your light. They offer a wide range of other products, including switches, sensors, and shade controllers. The New York City-based company was founded in 1961. One of its earliest innovations was a solid-state electronic dimmer, enabling homeowners to control the light intensity without having to use a bulky rheostat.

Since 1980, Lutron started to use digital technology in their lighting control equipment; they designed and developed products that could be controlled from a central location, which led them to make energy-efficient lighting control systems.

Lutron Electronics products

Lutron has three main categories for its products:

  • Dimmers: To suit a wide range of applications, Lutron’s dimmers are available in various styles and sizes. The company’s dimmers are famous for their quality, durability, and ease of use.
  • Energy Saving Solutions: By offering an extensive range of energy-shaving solutions, including occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting systems, and energy management software, they can help homeowners or businesses to  reduce their energy consumption and save money on bills.
  • Shades: They have three types of shades to block the sunlight, reduce glare, and for privacy uses, including roller shades, honeycomb shades, and Venetian blinds.

Lutron is strongly committed to sustainability. The company is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the Sustainable Lighting Coalition. Lutron actively design and develop products and initiatives to reduce and offset their environmental impact. 

Lutron Smart Lighting

Lutron has developed a smart lighting control system that uses advanced technologies to manage your smart home lighting. As we mentioned earlier, you have many choices among Lutron smart lighting equipment that can be catered towards your demands and seamlessly integrate into current lighting fixtures. You can ask Lutron smart lighting installers in Cheshire, Wilmslow, and even Greater Manchester to help and guide you with their specialists and experts in the design and installation of Lutron smart lighting systems.

Lutron smart lighting services in Cheshire and Wilmslow 

Benefits of using Lutron smart lighting systems

Lutron smart lighting equipment has many benefits for homeowners or business owners; some of the most crucial and notable of its benefits are: 

Energy Efficiency

The first and most important advantage of using Lutron smart lighting systems in your smart living space is its energy-saving capabilities; it allows you to set a schedule for turning the lights on/off or use motion sensors for automatically switching on/off the lights when someone enters a room or leaves it.

Improved Security

Adding Lutron smart lighting to your smart home will enhance your house’s security by enabling you to use wireless home automation controllers to simulate your presence at home. You can program the lighting to turn on or off at specific times of the day to keep away potential intruders.

Customization Capabilities

You can create customized lighting scenes for your various occasions as you wish. Dim the lights to have a cozy atmosphere for reading a book or a romantic dinner with your beloved one, or bright lights when you want to cook something in the kitchen to suit your preferences.

Ease of Use

The Lutron products are designed to be easy to use for any user. Even if you are not familiar with smart lighting or lighting control systems, you will be able to work with these products. Moreover, suppose you need help with their Cheshire and Wilmslow products. We have official representatives from Hestia Smart Living who will support you on your home automation journey and help you with any queries.

Perfect Lighting Scenes

You will be able to create your own perfect lighting based on your mood. For example, if you have a smart home cinema and you are going to be the host of a movie night, you can set a “Movie Night” scene to set the perfect and proper cinematic mood by dimming the lights based on the movie scene. Other moods, such as Relaxation mode, Sleeping mode, and Entertaining guests mode, are also available to choose from.

Lutron smart lighting Specialists in Cheshire and Wilmslow 

How to start using Lutron Smart Lighting?

First, you need to choose the right products. Before starting to use smart lighting equipment, selecting the right and proper products for your home or business is essential. You should consider factors such as the type of lighting fixture you already have or what are your specific lighting needs.

The second factor is the installation process. After you choose the right and proper smart lighting products for your home, it’s time to install them. The whole installation is an effortless process, thanks to its user-friendly design, which specialists and experts can do at your place. You can call our experts in Hestia smart living to help you as Lutron smart lighting installers in Cheshire and Wilmslow. 

What are Smart Lighting controlling options?

Smart sensors

Smart sensors can switch lights on and off and adjust lighting by detecting motions, this will help the user save energy. 

Mobile application

Lutron has a mobile application that you can install on your Android or IOS devices to control your lights remotely. You can dim the lights, adjust brightness, and even monitor the usage of your lighting system energy with your phone or tablet application. 

Voice Assistants

Lutron provides seamless integration with your home virtual assistants like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri to use voice-activated commands to control your lights.

Lutron smart lighting consultant in Cheshire and Wilmslow 

Lutron smart lighting installers in Cheshire and Wilmslow 

Our company is known as one of the most committed delegations of Lutron smart lighting installers in Cheshire and Wilmslow to meet users’ needs. You can expect our expert services like the design process of your smart lighting system and installation of the equipment on your home. By choosing Hestia as Lutron smart lighting installers in Cheshire and Wilmslow, you will have lifetime services for Lutron products to improve the quality of your life.


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