Modern Bedroom Lighting – Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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Modern Bedroom Lighting - Bedroom Lighting Ideas - Lighting

If you value a calm and serene bedroom, the right lighting is crucial. Searching for modern bedroom lighting trends and ideas can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of options available. At Hestia, our lighting experts simplify this process by helping you find the perfect lighting solutions for your bedroom or guest room. Additionally, with the assistance of our architectural partners, we provide expert guidance on ceiling lighting design. Let us help you create a tranquil and beautifully lit space.

What is the best modern bedroom lighting?

Improper bedroom lighting can negatively impact both the space and its owner. Even with impeccable interior design, poor lighting can undermine the room’s aesthetic and functionality. Our lighting experts recommend focusing on furniture and accent lighting, such as wall sconces, table lamps, and pendant lamps. These light sources can create a desirable soft glow, ideal for modern bedroom settings. Additionally, dimmable and indirect lighting are popular choices for guest rooms and hotel bedrooms, offering versatility and ambiance. For accent lighting, integrated LED lights within the interior architecture can enhance the ceiling, contributing to an overall cohesive and stylish bedroom lighting design.

Modern bedroom lighting tips and tricks

In bedrooms, the primary lighting objective is to attain a gentle, diffused general light, serving as a foundational element for the room’s illumination. For optimal nighttime bedroom lighting, we propose creating ambient pool lighting controlled by a dimmer switch, allowing for customizable ambiance. Our experts specialize in solutions for all bedroom spaces, offering options such as eclectic hanging pendant lights, floor lamps, and delicate flush mounts to enhance the space while maximizing functionality and style.

Modern Bedroom Lighting - Bedroom Lighting Ideas - Lighting

Table Lamps

If you have table lamps, you should add low and high switches to them, which allow you to control them based on your taste and preferences. Moreover, you need to consider the scale and height of the bedside table when choosing table lamps. They should be reachable when you are in bed, so you need to place them almost four to five inches from your bed. 


When your bedroom has a higher ceiling, using bigger fixtures like chandeliers is an excellent option to have an atmospheric light. It can add drama to your modern bedroom that comes from the reflection of the ceiling because chandeliers transport light upward to result in a soothing glow and warm light.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are ideal for small bedroom lights. They will lighten up bedrooms’ dark corners and add a relaxing vibe to the sitting area.


For bedside lighting that combines elegance with practicality, sconces are the premier choice. Their notable feature lies in the use of dimmer switches, allowing you to adjust the light according to your preferences. Incorporating sconces as your bedroom or guest room lights lends a polished and intentional feel to your nighttime ambiance.

Flush Mounts

You should choose flush mounts for overhead lighting in your bedroom to have an even and inviting light. If you have a bedroom with high ceilings, use them by picking this type of modern bedroom lighting that offers a diffused light to illuminate the whole room.

Modern Bedroom Lighting - Bedroom Lighting Ideas - Lighting

Unique and modern bedroom lighting ideas

Smooth lighting with overhead Lights

If you transform your home into a modern smart home, forget about traditional boring light bulbs. Instead, you can use a modern hanging light overhead or multiple small lights on the ceiling that can brighten up a specific space individually.

An old fashion look like by antique lamps

If you are a fan of traditional and antique looks, choose antique lamps for your modern bedroom lighting. They will add a touch of traditional antique outlook to your room. Brass or vintage lamps are two of the best options, and they can be equipped with a dimmer switch from Lutron Lighting to adjust the light as you prefer.

Bedside lighting with vertical and horizontal lines

Vertical and horizontal lighting lines are visually delightful as an option for modern bedroom bedside lighting. To create rippled lighting, you can use wood panels. By adding smart accessories to these lights, you can control them on your smartphone.

For a dramatic touch, colorful LED lights 

If you are a fan of colors in your living space, colorful LED lights are an excellent choice for your modern bedroom lighting. The most popular among others are Neon lights, which make your room ambient in the absence of traditional lighting. These lights are commonly used in kids’ bedrooms, so you can consider them if you are going to create a unique space for your child.

Automated lights with light/motion detection sensors

Choosing among smart devices and accessories offered by a smart lighting company such as Control4 is an excellent idea for smart living. You can have a lighting system in your modern bedroom or hotel bedroom that automatically turns on at dusk and turns off at sunset. Or imagine that when you return home, your lights turn on upon your arrival (motion detection sensors), which will save you time looking for a light switch in the dark and save you energy to minimize your energy bills.

Luxury bedroom with Crystal Chandelier

A fancy and luxury look bedroom can be completed by addition of a crystal chandelier. This is the best option for those modern bedroom lighting that have a huge space. A crystal chandelier will add a sense of elegance and shimmer to your room, and at the same time, by using smart switches or dimmers, you can change the light moods based on your will.

Now that you have found out about the best bedroom lighting ideas for your modern bedroom lighting, you need to know that adding various smart devices that can control your bedroom lighting by connecting to a network with multiple wireless protocols. These devices include smart bulbs, smart light switches, smart in-wall relay switches, etc. You can connect to our experienced lighting experts in Hestia SL to consult about your dreamy modern bedroom ideas and make them come true with the help of our company.

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