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Smart home and home automation systems are not a social media trend anymore; they have become a part of our daily lives thanks to the seamless integration of technology with everyday life. If you live in Altrincham, you are lucky because you have Hestia Smart Living company near you to find the best smart home solutions for your needs. Hestia is a successful and leading smart home company in Altrincham and delivers the latest product of Lutron and Control4 around Greater Manchester. Comprised of a team of committed professionals and specialists in home automation, we are poised to facilitate a seamless transformation of your residential living environment.

What is the definition of a smart home in Altrincham?

Technology has changed our lives, and the meaning of home is not the same as what it was before. A smart home encompasses homes integrated with smart technologies that revolutionize our lifestyle, fostering calmness and enhancing comfort in our daily routines. A smart home uses a range of modern devices and automation systems to deliver the best lifestyle experience to homeowners. Hestia’s specialists in Altrincham can answer all your probable questions about smart homes in a consultant session to understand your exact expectations from your dream living environment.

Advantages of using Smart Home Devices

The addition of wireless home automation systems to your home has many advantages for you and your lifestyle; here are the most important and effective advantages of getting help from a smart home company to equip your home with the latest technologies in this field:

Easily Access Information and Entertainment

Consider adding a smart speaker to your home, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo Dot; you can access the latest news and weather information and even listen to live streams and music. You can use them as a smart assistant to wake you up or, set a timer to alert you to do a task or even ask them to find a food recipe for cooking just with a simple voice command.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Using smart devices will always be cost-effective and affordable for homeowners. Smart thermostats and smart lighting systems are two good examples that help you reduce your bills and optimize energy usage.

Remote controlling and Seamless Integration

Smart devices and home automation systems are mostly connected to each other with Wi-Fi, which leads to a seamless integration between them. They are easy to set up and control with their Wi-Fi connection capability, allowing you to have complete remote control on your devices and even your home. For instance, you can monitor your home remotely using mobile devices, and you will also be able to apply changes to your home’s lighting to simulate your presence.

Improved Security and Comfort

By adding smart doorbells, you can monitor the receipt of a package without worrying about your presence at home. Smart locks allow you to open the doors for kids while they return home from school and you are still at work or give temporary access to friends. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can increase smart homes safety. The combination of CCTV and Motion detectors will give you peace of mind about your home security while you are away.

Energy Efficiency and Well-Being

Imagine you are not in the mood to get out of bed; just with a single touch on your mobile, you can set your preferred mood at home by changing smart lights to boost your mood and productivity. Energy-efficient devices like automatic lights with motion detectors to function whenever you are in a room or smart thermostats that can adjust the temperature based on the outside temperature will help us contribute to a sustainable environment.

Smart Home Company Altrincham

Hestia Smart Living was initially established in Altrincham and has been around for more than a decade. It offers a wide range of exclusive and customized home-improving packages to cover all clients’ needs. From smart lighting and smart lighting design, pool ventilation, air conditioning and smart security systems to home cinemas and spas, Hestia’s experts are ready for a consultation to hear your demands.

This Altrincham-based smart home company has an eye on details and innate creativity; they have bespoke proposals and designs drawn up for each client’s needs. You can check on Hestia’s portfolio around Greater Manchester, which includes almost everything a smart home needs, from prototype sketches and material suggestions from famous smart home providers such as Control4 home automation systems and interior design to detailed technical drawings that are more a reminder of commercial plans than residential ones.

If you’re looking for a reliable smart home company in Altrincham to transform your home into a more functional and comfortable place to live, whether the project ideas in your mind are big or small, get in touch with a Hestia specialist today.


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