Intelligent Controls

Intelligent Controls are the cornerstone of modern life and wireless home automation. Its presence in your home means you will have several functional and advantageous smart technologies at your service, including AI (Artificial Intelligence, and IoT (Internet of Things), to create a seamless system that can learn and adapt your lifestyle to make it more convenient and comfortable for you. From smart home control to intelligent building controls, everything can be controlled wirelessly and remotely in your home or business building.

Whenever you return to your home from an exhausted and stressful day, a calm and comfort zone is all you need. Imagine a home with proper lighting and temperature that suits your mood, your favorite music is streaming, and even the pool is ready for swimming. Yeah, this is real, and you can set it up before you come back right on your mobile via intelligent controls of each component in one app. This is how you will feel by installing intelligent controls in your property, a customizable smart integration to improve your home and workspace.

What are Intelligent Controls?

Intelligent Controls mean that you can go beyond the basis and limitations you had before! By adding wireless home automation to your home, you will need an intelligent controller to make it function as you require. The “intelligent” in intelligent controls refers to the integration of Artificial Intelligence as the brain behind the operation system, which enables the system to learn from you to adapt to your needs and make the best decision after analyzing data.

The Benefits of Intelligent Controls

Intelligent controls have many effective benefits in your daily life; here are the top 3 benefits of intelligent controls:

Energy Efficiency

Intelligent Controls can help homeowners optimize their energy usage, and even more, some of them let you monitor your usage by collecting data on your smart lighting system or smart thermostat. This can result in a home that operates efficiently and saves both resources and costs.

Personalized Comfort

There is no limitation in personalizing your smart living space with intelligent controls that adapt to your preferences and help you create a comfortable and inviting home.

Enhanced Security

Intelligent Controls can integrate with smart home security systems to provide real-time monitoring of your property and enable you to react instantly to keep your home safe and sound.

Intelligent Lighting Controls

With normal and current lighting systems in your home, you can’t have customization of illuminance. The solution is intelligent lighting controls that can be applied by the addition of smart lighting systems. An intelligent lighting system is made from several smart lighting fixtures that are connected to a network to provide a wireless automatic control on your lighting level, brightness, color, etc. By setting up your smart lighting system and adding programs and schedules, the rest of the process is on intelligent lighting controls to easily deliver appropriate illuminance. It is possible to add lighting sensors, fixture controllers, and sometimes a power meter to complete the system. The following picture is a schematic of an intelligent lighting system:

With products from reputed and reliable companies such as Control4 and Lutron, you can fit smart lights in every home and system (most of the products in the market are capable with these two companies’ smart lighting systems. There are various types of smart bulbs, smart LED, and the rest of smart lighting sources that you are able to remotely control with intelligent lighting controls on your smartphone or tablet. You can count on intelligent lighting controls, even for smart garden lighting, to make a perfect barbeque night.

Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Samsung Bixby are the most known and famous voice assistants on the market of smart living equipment that you can use to control your smart lighting systems by voice commands. This is a useful and comfortable method to change the light level instantly, turn a light on/off, and even ask to change the smart bulb color or temperature to your preferences; it’s much quicker than opening an app on your phone or tablet.

All smart lighting components use their specific way to define smart home automation systems, but in the end, they all function the same. We have routine and automation; routine orders a smart light to switch on/off at a certain time of day. On more complex occasions, automation routines can control the lights to turn on in a specific situation; for example, by using motion detection sensors on the front door when you arrive at the door, the lights will turn on automatically.

Intelligent Building Controls

Every month that you receive an energy bill, it’s more obvious that we need smart building solutions. To reduce our bills and cut our emissions to save the planet, it’s necessary to use a smart home automation system in buildings, no matter if it’s your home, workplace, or a company building. Grand View Research reported that the global market of smart buildings is expected to grow at least 25.3% from 2022 to 2030. This is not a small number, and we should take its impact seriously; the landscape of buildings is going to change in the future.

How can managers and occupants use intelligent building controls?

A building that is equipped with smart lighting, smart thermostats, smart energy meters, and any other smart devices needs to be controlled. Some of these smart techs use automatically-collected data to control smart components. A good example is smart lighting with motion sensors that can adapt to the time you go to bed every day and then, in the upcoming days, turn off the light instantly after the specific time you go to bed. About intelligent buildings, it’s even further. The building’s central hub collects and integrates data over all devices and services to function in one controlling system. Intelligent building controls will occur in that central hub, which is commonly known as the smart home system or wireless home automation system. The AI is responsible for integration, analysis, making decisions, and giving orders for action by using the collected data. In the building, rather than multiple controllers for any aspect, the manager can use a single controller from the center hub to manage all smart systems and devices in the building, such as HVAC, lighting, and even the temperature of the pool.

Intelligent building controls use complicated and powerful algorithms to have efficient control of processes and functions on every individual device. Moreover, they can have an automated intelligence diagnosing system to solve the routine issues of the building and even predict them in real-time before they happen.

Benefits of Intelligent Building Controls for Homes and Businesses

Energy and material saving

In the long term the effect of using intelligent building controls will show up more and more. For example, in a large building like a hypermarket, the usage of lighting is a huge number during a year; by investing in intelligent building controls in smart lighting systems, the final cost of department stores will show a significant change in comparison to previous years.


Reducing environmental impact

It’s surprising that 30% of the UK’s carbon emissions are caused by building operations, so to reduce the carbon footprint and be loyal to the Paris Agreement, we should pay attention to building sustainability improvements.

Employee wellbeing

Employee well-being is directly connected with the building’s condition; an intelligent building means a safer work environment. Working under optimum temperature, monitoring the workers, and predictive maintenance are all in your service on the intelligent building.

Where can you find a reputed company for Intelligent Controls?

Introducing Hestia Smart Living as one of the most trusted smart dealers in the realm of Intelligent Controls. Hestia is a reputable company that covers all northwest areas of England and is committed to delivering the latest cutting-edge and modern solutions for smart homes and buildings. We work closely with clients to help them transform how they use technology in their homes. We manage and look after the whole process of home technology from beginning to end. Our professional experts and designers have years of experience in high-end projects, designing the most technologically advanced houses out there. Contact us now to add intelligent controls to your home or building today.

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