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We are stepping into the age of smart home solutions and smart home automation systems, homes that are equipped with an interconnected system designed to enhance convenience, comfort, and security.

Hestia Smart Living is at the forefront of company’s displaying this technological revolution in Cheshire. Hestia’s name is tied to innovation and the latest technologies. Hestia will be the right choice for you to convert your traditional home to a smart powerhouse

Smart Home in the UK

The definition of smart home refers to a home where technological features such as audio systems, lighting, security and more are connected with a single integrated system. This can be controlled remotely from anywhere you are. You can pre set programs on them to function as wireless automation systems in the house. For example, imagine you are on vacation and worried about your home safety. With the power of smart home technologies, you can easily monitor your property. For added security you can set schedules for lights to turn on automatically at a specific time or by sunset to stimulate your presence at home. Smart homes let you have completely remote and wireless control over your lighting, multi-media system, temperature, blinds, doorbell, security system, and many more devices and functions. Providing endless capabilities to improve your lifestyle and use of space.

The most known and popular smart home devices are:

Smart Lighting

Smart Thermostat

Smart Security system

Smart Pool

Smart Home Cinema

Home Comfort

Hestia smart home company, Cheshire, delivers these services and more, such as Home Spas, smart home Interior design, technology consultants, and smart home lighting design.

Benefits of smart home

The benefits of smart home technology at your service are vast; here are some of the notable advantages of adding wireless home automation services and systems to your home:

Wireless Control: Wireless controlling with a single remote controller from almost all devices is one of the best aspects of installing or converting to a smart home. Even more, with the ability to use voice commands, you can easily order your device to function, for example, turn the lights on/off or change the temperature based on your desire.

Energy Saving: Imagine you have to leave home in a hurry and forget to turn the lights or heating off; with a smart detection sensor, you can have peace of mind about saving energy and having control to do so outside of your home. Moreover, these devices can learn your routine, and automatically adjust to the best condition for the home’s energy consumption.

Safety and Security: To improve the safety of the house, smart devices can send you alerts; for example, when someone enters your property, you will receive a text from your security system, or you can watch over the home remotely with real-time monitoring when you are away. Smart locks and smart doorbell cameras with facial recognition can help you enhance home security.

Health and well-being: Smart homes have many advantages to improving and tracking your health. For example, air quality monitors provide a fresh living environment for home members.

Smart Home services by Hestia in Cheshire

There are many services that Hestia, as a smart home company Cheshire, offers to their clients. Note that Hesia’s services covers throughout the Cheshire region, including Chester, Birkenhead, Northwich, Knutsford, Altrincham, Wilmslow & Alderley Edge Also, Hestia is one of the best dealers and installers for products of leading manufacturers such as Control4 and Lutron. Hestia is a unique smart home company that combines interior design and home automation to create a comfort zone for you. Various types of smart home solutions can answer all your needs in Cheshire between Greater Manchester and the Welsh border. With the help of specialists and experienced experts, Hestia guarantees to transform luxury homes into hubs of smart excellence while simultaneously making them unique and personalized; let’s have a brief review of Hestia services in Cheshire:

Lighting Design

Hestia has a creative and innovative team of specialists in lighting design to help you envision and create your lighting design and electrical schemes. They collaborate with interior designers, engineers, and architects to find and design the best lighting design for your smart environment. For your luxury lighting design, you can contact our experts and have a consultation with them to discover what works for you.

Smart Lighting

After configuring a proper lighting design, it’s time to find the right and suitable smart lighting solution for your home to transform its traditional electrical system into a modern ecosystem that ensures you will have maximum comfort and energy efficiency in your home. To enhance your life rhythm, our experts can emulate natural outdoor light into the interior spaces, every room can function as you prefer it to (a cold light for working and a warm one to rest). Smart lighting allows us to create multifunctional space through changes in lighting. Smart lighting adapts to your lifestyle requirements for a space, providing the following advantages:

Security and safety

Energy Efficiency




Home Cinema

Hestia can offer you a private and complete cinema experience in your own home space. Hestia has an impressive reputation for its home cinema interior design in Cheshire and customized home cinema creation in Wilmslow. Hestia will guide you through the process: from the design of the environment, to setting up the best equipment to deliver immersive images, sound, and lighting, to the addition of acoustic design and sound control, all accompanied with luxury seats and the simplicity of an all-in-one controller. Hestia’s consultants and specialists are always ready to guide you in finding the best solution to create your own home cinema.

Home Spa

Hestia performs a full design service for your luxury residential properties’ swimming pools and home spas. The collaboration of the interior design team and energy experts offers you a swimming pool with both functionality and aesthetics. The swimming pool and spa provide precious rooms for every occasion. Smart pools and spas enable homeowners to control heating and cooling systems and the entire ecosystem of the pool with the installation of automatic control systems. The integration of a control and automation system for its lighting, pool filter, and chlorine levels simultaneously will allow it to reach the perfect balance of hygiene, comfort and efficiency.

Technology Consultants and Interior Design

Suppose you are searching for Smart Home Company Cheshire for technology consultants and interior design of your home in Cheshire and its surrounding areas. Hestia is here to answer all your questions about transforming your home into a luxury smart home. Hestia’s technology consultants will work closely with clients to help them find a suitable solution for your property. From managing to tracking the whole process from start to end, they will support you with every step.

Our experts are experienced in high-end projects, and we have professional engineers and interior designers working together to achieve the best results. It starts with a good understanding of your needs to give you the best advice for your project. From lighting control for improving energy management of the home to renewable energy or pool ventilation and interior design, Hestia will find you a cutting-edge solution that is designed specifically based on your demands.


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