Art of Automation

The new age of modernity in home automation has started. Termed the “Art of Automation,” its profound influence permeates our daily existence. Through smart home automation we embrace an amalgamation of convenience, efficacy, and ingenuity supporting your daily regimen.

Hestia is a leading company in smart home services and wireless home automation systems around Greater Manchester, Liverpool, and northwest of London. We will cover your expectations and needs to create your smart home, through designing and installing services and providing advice and support throughout your home automation journey. Whether you are a homeowner who has decided to upgrade your home to a smart home or a tech enthusiast, we invite you to join us in exploring the art of automation in your life.

Home Automation

Home Automation

Home automation integrates new technologies into every aspect of the home to create a convenient, secure, and more efficient living space. The art of home automation can subtly be seen in controlling the lights, security cameras, doorbells, blinds, thermostats, kitchen appliances, and even your AV distribution via a simple touch on an app installed on your smartphone. This wireless controlling level allows you to enhance the quality of your daily life and reduce your home’s energy consumption.

Key elements of a home automation system

To better understand the art of automation in your home, here are the key elements of a home automation system we have prepared for you.

Smart lighting control

To have a complete and remote control of home lighting, you will need to add a smart lighting control system to your home. It will allow you to have unlimited and customizable control over home lights, such as dimming the lights, changing the brightness, color, or temperature of a light, and setting timing and schedules for your light to work automatically. To save energy, you can use motion detection sensors to turn the light on/off based on the motion in the environment. Smart lighting can integrate with other aspects of smart homes, such as smart cinemas. Dimming the lights automatically when a movie starts or using smart LEDs to set the moods based on the scenes when watching an action movie or playing a game.

Smart home security system

Bid farewell to the days you forget about locking the doors or stressing about your home safety when you are at work or even out of town; with the help of smart security systems, your peace of mind and home safety can be guaranteed, especially when you know that you will always have a real-time image to monitor almost every part of your property. The combination of motion sensors, doors and windows, smart locks, and CCTV with a smart alarm system that can notify you with text messages or phone calls will keep your property safe and secure.

Smart thermostat

With smart thermostats, you don’t need to worry about home temperature. It allows you to adjust the home climate remotely; the optimum temperature will be set for your presence before you arrive home. With the help of a smart thermostat, you will optimize energy consumption and significantly save energy and money. Programmability, customization, and easy wireless control of smart thermostats will increase the quality of your life.

Home automation

Smart home cinema

Smart home cinema, or smart home theater is an integration of cutting-edge technologies such as audio and video systems with smart lighting, smart blinds, and smart climate-controlling systems. You can have your own entertainment cave in a specific home space, or even you can turn the living room into a giant cinema. Moreover, you can use this specific space for your gaming session and any other entertainment with your family and friends. Our specialists in Hestia SL are here to guide you and design your smart cinema to make it as you prefer, comfortable, unique, and a room based on your expectations.

Smart Blinds

Smart blinds or automated blinds can easily manage and control the natural lighting of the house. You can remotely control the blinds even when you are not home or set an automated schedule for them. Smart blinds are almost understated, but they are important for homeowners’ comfort and for effectively using natural light.

The advantages of smart home

Another art of automation is adding advantages to your life; here are the greatest advantages of smart automation systems for homes:

Comfort in control

The ability of remote control of home automation should not be underestimated; it will enable you to have huge access to customization on every aspect of your smart home components. For example, if you are still at work and it is snowing out, you can turn on the thermostat to warm the home before you return home. Or you can turn the lights on to simulate your absence while you are still outside to secure the home.

Energy efficiency

You can save energy and money on your bills with the help of smart home automation systems. Depending on your use, you can set per-programs and schedule smart objects to work more efficiently while using less energy. Consider lighting will turn off automatically in the early mornings when the natural light level is enough for doing tasks and by sunset, they change to evening mode instead of functioning on their highest level.

Advantagest of smart home

Home security improvements

With the addition of security and surveillance features to your home, the security of your property will significantly increase to new levels. Many options exist to improve home security systems, such as motion detection sensors, monitoring cameras, smart door locks, etc. Before you sleep, go to your bed and check on the door lock status, or check the camera to see what the noise in the backyard is. There are many more possibilities effortlessly under your control on your smartphone or tablet.


Automation can improve the overall accessibility of your home which is important when there are individuals with disabilities or mobility issues at home. Home automation allows them to control almost every feature in the home remotely, independently and easily. Most of us forget about turning the lights off on some occasions, so the accessibility of wireless control of smart lights will solve the problem.

Experts in the Art of Automation

Hestia Smart Living has a team of experts and specialists who are experienced in different aspects of smart home automation services, they work to understand a client’s needs, advise on the best solutions, and then deliver a harmonious union between technology and aesthetics. Our expert choice for your home is Lutron‘s flagship home automation system or Control4 smart home system, our company supports both of these powerful and reputable brands.

Our company was originally founded in Spain and has now been established in Altrincham for over a decade; Hestia offers a wide range of exclusive home-improving packages to esteemed clients, from tailormade smart lighting, air conditioning, pool ventilation, and security to home cinemas and spas. To unpack the art of automation to your home, you can set an appointment to have different consultants discuss your needs and expectations.

The effect of AI in smart home systems

The effect of AI in smart home systems

It’s kinda the core of smart home systems, particularly when devices and systems come with auto-decision capability, which is because of artificial intelligence integration with them. AI-powered devices can learn how you behave during the day to adapt to your routine and preferences. Moreover, intelligent voice assistants can make your tasks and day easier. Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri all have an AI assistant that is ready to function with your voice commands. They can control any smart devices and systems capable of voice commands. The AI can analyze the data from other devices that collect during their function and use them to automate a routine task. For example, they monitor and analyze your energy usage so they can suggest efficient methods for saving more energy and optimizing your usage,

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