Smart Home Company Hale, Greater Manchester

Stepping into a smart home and smart living areas requires the right guidance and mentoring. Hestia Smart Living is the safest option that you could use for transforming your traditional house into a smart home in Greater Manchester. As an experienced and successful smart home company in Hale, Greater Manchester, in the United Kingdom, Hestia has a brilliant portfolio in smart home transformation for luxury villas.

Smart Home in Hale, Greater Manchester

Imagine a house that uses Internet-connected devices to control and regulate appliances and systems from a single application via a smartphone, tablet, or even smart monitor (computer).

There are a vast range of devices in the smart home market that you can choose between based on your needs, including;

  • Smart lighting
  • Smart Security Camera
  • Smart Door Locks
  • Smart Doorbells
  • Smart Cinema
  • Smart Audio and Video Systems
  • Smart Thermostats

Additionally a multitude of customizable options are available for your home, sourced from renowned providers Control4 and Lutron, among others..

The majority of smart home devices require only a single installation, after which you can synchronize them to operate harmoniously together. You will be able to set schedules on devices to function without needing any control on them. The benefits of a smart home go beyond comfort and convenience. Imagine you can monitor your home remotely everywhere you are and receive alerts when a door or window opens unexpectedly; even with the help of smart lighting, you can simulate your occupancy at home. Furthermore, smart thermostats and appliances are designed to optimize energy usage, resulting in reduced utility bills for you. And by receiving real-time notifications, the safety and security of your family and loved ones will be guaranteed, even when you’re away.

Smart Light and Lighting Design

The most used and viarall of smart devices is smart light systems. Smart lighting refers to any lighting system that users can remotely control with an internet-connected device such as phone, tablet, or wall pad panels. A home that is equipped with smart lighting control can create an owner’s favorable environment, especially one that suits their mood. They can easily adjust the light, change its color, and switch them on/off from everywhere just by an app on their phone. You can set scheduling and automation on your home lighting system to function even if you are not at home.

The design of smart lighting systems is crucial, so you need to have a consultation with experts and specialists in smart lighting design; where Hestia’s experienced team can help you in this case. As a specialized smart home company in Hale, Greater Manchester, Hestia’s lighting design team is composed of interior designers, engineers, and architects who collaborate together to create the best and most optimized smart lighting solution for your property.

With an appropriate lighting design and installation, you will have some useful benefits of smart light that improves your daily life and comfort, including:

  • Enables custom lighting control
  • Reduces carbon footprint and saves energy
  • Improves well-being and overall home security
  • Bring convenience and comfort to your routine

Technology Consultants

Hestia is not just a smart home company in Hale, Greater Manchester; it also works as a technology consultant. Hestia’s experienced consultants work closely with clients to understand their exact needs and help them to transform the way they use technologies in their homes. Hestia’s specialists can manage and look after the whole process of transforming your home into a modern and luxury smart home from beginning to end. Hestia’s distinguished consultation services in Hale encompass the design and customization of home technologies, renewable energy equipment, and comprehensive aspects of smart home implementation.

With almost a decade of experience in modern and luxury projects Hestia has a professional team of designers that can design and perform the most technologically advanced houses. Our team of skilled engineers collaborates closely with our designers to provide tailored advice and cutting-edge solutions for clients’ projects. From home spa ventilation to lighting control, and energy management systems, we ensure optimal comfort through the precise combination of technological components integrated with minimalist design. This Altrincham-based company guarantees a bespoke solution designed specifically for each client’s house.


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