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In a world where both offices and homes are getting smarter by the day, the pervasive influence of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is everywhere, from restaurants to residences. With our productivity increasingly reliant on smartphone apps and connected devices, a robust network supporting high-quality multimedia traffic is crucial. That’s where home network and Wi-Fi solutions in Cheshire come into play, and Hestia Smart Living is here to help. With WiFi-6 technology now available, offering swift wireless connectivity, communication with smart and IoT devices is more stable and efficient than ever.

Speed is the Key in Cheshire

At the core of a smart home lies its network and Wi-Fi solutions, essential for creating a seamless and interconnected living environment. These technological foundations are meticulously engineered to accommodate the power demands of audio-visual systems and automation setups, ensuring flawless integration and operation throughout the home. Equipped with state-of-the-art chipsets, the latest network and Wi-Fi solutions deliver unparalleled speed and optimize overall performance, facilitating uninterrupted connectivity. Familiar to most, home Wi-Fi networks have become indispensable, enabling unrestricted internet access across all devices within the household. The significance of Wi-Fi was further highlighted during the pandemic, where it served as a vital lifeline for remote work, schooling, and entertainment. Moreover, its influence has expanded beyond traditional devices to encompass a diverse range of appliances, including washing machines, refrigerators, and coffee makers, underscoring Wi-Fi’s status as the ubiquitous wireless technology essential for modern daily life.

Which Network & Wi-Fi Solutions are the Best?

Various types of networks can be used in smart home systems to provide connections between wireless home automation systems and IoT devices. These solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency, security, and performance of the networks of smart home systems. Based on your requirements, the network and Wi-Fi solutions can differ. There are various options in the market that can make you confused when choosing between them, so Hesita consultants are ready to guide you completely and take care of this complicated choice for your home.

Wi-Fi Coverage of smart homes in Chester and Cheshire

Mesh WiFi

Mesh operates as a comprehensive home Wi-Fi system, eliminating any dead zones within your home to ensure an uninterrupted internet experience. By employing multiple units or nodes, this Wi-Fi network provides a stable and robust signal, facilitating faster speeds and enhanced coverage throughout your home or office environment. What sets Mesh apart is its unique ability to distribute signals through multiple access points, surpassing the limitations of traditional routers. Ideal for clients inhabiting large spaces or buildings with thick walls that typically weaken Wi-Fi signals, Mesh stands out as the preferred solution for reliable connectivity across expansive areas.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Smart Repeaters/Powerline Adapters

These devices are Wi-Fi extenders that you can use to extend the Wi-Fi signal in every corner of your house. If you have small homes with dead spots, this could be a good choice for you. Powerline adapters use current electrical wiring to create a network connection without adding any extra devices. They are an ideal option for areas that have weak Wi-Fi or it’s difficult to do cabling.

More Forces for a Better Smart Home

Hestia Smart Living proudly partners with the most reliable and leading companies in smart home WiFi and networking in the Cheshire region, including Lutron and Control4. Hestia operated as a trusted Lutron and Control4 dealer in the Cheshire region, which includes various cities such as Chester, Birkenhead, Northwich, Knutsford, Altrincham, Wilmslow & Alderley Edge for about one decade. Hestia offers advanced and high-quality networking solutions with the latest technologies on the market. Our home WiFi and networking solutions process has three simple steps:

Step one – Consultation

Our experienced specialists in smart home WiFi and network solutions start with a consultation session to understand every client’s specific needs. Consultants will collect information about your home’s layout and its current smart devices, which will help them to design and choose the exact WiFi and network solution that uniquely meets your needs.

Step two – Design and prototype

According to the consultation session, Hesti’s professional team has started to collaborate together to find the best-customized solution for the client. They will consider the interior design of the building to see if there is a dead spot in there and a need for a more powerful WiFi device, and then the team will make sure that it has secure connectivity and optimal coverage for the home. After that, it’s time to offer our detailed recommended solutions to the client.

Step three – Installation and Supplement

After the client approved the solution we offered, it was time for our experts in WiFi and network installation in Cheshire to get to work. Our experienced installers will complete the installation process properly and ensure that it operates well enough to keep all home devices connected together and that the network is secure.

Home WiFi & Network Installations in Manchester and Cheshire

By partnering with our home automation company as your home network installation service and control4 dealer in Manchester and Cheshire, we will ensure that all your devices stay connected in any conditions. If there is an internet connection in your home, it means you are using a home network. A mixture of wireless and wired Wi-Fi technologies allows you to create your customized home network and Wi-Fi solution.

Wired networks are installed using network cables at your home or office. This may seem like a step backward, but it’s been proven that a wired connection is more reliable than the Wi-Fi equivalent.

On the other hand, there are wireless networks that require at least one wireless (Wi-Fi) router setup (it’s available in most houses). Our experts believe wireless connection is not the most reliable for all devices because several factors inside and around the home can affect its function, such as installing steel in extensions. The solution is to add more Wi-Fi access points throughout the house so there will be no dead spots.


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