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With a decade of experience in smart home services and selling the most popular smart manufacturers’ products, Hestia Smart Living is your trusted, smart home consultant to choose. Hestia offers Lutron and Control4 products throughout the Cheshire region, including Chester, Birkenhead, Altrincham, Knutsford, Wilmslow, Northwich, and Alderley Edge.

Various brands and suppliers manufacture products in the world of smart home automation systems and devices. These companies offer innovative and unique smart home solutions that can distinctively improve your lifestyle. In this article, we will introduce and compare Crestron vs. Lutron vs. Control4 smart home brands to see which is the best option for you based on your specific needs.

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Crestron vs Lutron vs Control4: A quick introduction


Control4 is a relatively new player in the smart home industry compared to Lutron and Crestron. It is famous for its capability for bespoke home cinema Controls and excellent AV Integration for homeowners. Hestia, as a Control4 dealer, offers Control4’s products and services in the Cheshire region and Greater Manchester. This company has become a leader in the home automation industry in a short period of time. 

The company was founded in 2003, and its superior products won awards for their lighting control solutions, which puts them on the first line of the smart home industry. They are experts in bespoke home cinema and multimedia system installations. 

Control4 best features

It’s really admirable that the Control4 home automation system is capable of operating with more than 1,900 smart home products. This feature, having seamless integration with other smart home solutions, makes it Hestia’s selection for our clients. Hestia suggests you work with our qualified Control4 programmer, who can help you get connected with over 1900 products and many software solutions. It’s getting more attractive when you know that the Control4 system can integrate with products made by Lutron and Crestron.

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Do you need to choose Control4?

Control4 offers the most budget-friendly options among other smart home leading companies, making it an ideal choice for individuals looking to transform their home into a smart powerhouse. Thanks to Control4’s easy integration with other brand’s products, it would be the best option for you if you will have future upgrades on your existing smart home system.


Joel Spira, the founder of Lutron, started this company with the aim of taking care of our customers by offering them superior goods and services. Lutron has more than 50 years of experience in the lighting industry, and it is the most known and favorite smart lighting company worldwide. It offers a wide range of products with the highest and strictest quality control methods.

There are so many smart lighting products that are produced by Lutron, and Hestia, as a certified Lutron dealer and Lutron installer, can deliver the latest Lutron technologies to you. From Lutron HomeWorks system that allows users from most of the natural light in their environment and create customized lighting based on the occasion to energy-saving dimmers, long-lasting light bulbs, control panels (in-wall), and many more. All of Lutron’s lighting products have the aim to significantly decrease the energy bills for homes, which is around 40%. Hestia’s lighting experts offer Lutron to any client who is looking for exclusive lighting products for their home, especially for luxury lighting.

Do you need to choose Lutron?

To illuminate your entire property (inside and outside) and have customized lighting for each room with a simple interface that is prepared all around the home as wall keypads, remote control, or an installed app on your smartphone can be controlled. Lutron is a specialist in smart lighting, and it has done this job very well. If your first concern is your energy bills and lighting with any budget, in that case we offer to choose Lutron without any doubt.


Crestron is a USA-based smart home automation solution that helps homeowners to apply smart home products and services to their houses; it can be a whole installation or semi-installation. This smart home company has been in the market for over 50 years by offering its home automation systems with a vast type of products, including bespoke home cinema set-ups, AV distribution integration, the next and latest generation of smart energy management solutions, smart lighting control, and many more. Crestron is one of the most flexible options in the market that allows clients to have complete customization on their requirements.

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Crestron Features

Crestron is known for easy to controlling ability. It’s not a problem with Crestron if you are using a smartphone, tablet, remote control, or wallpad; they guarantee that you will enjoy using their user-friendly interface. Like any other smart home system provider, it allows users to set schedules for their tasks to automate their routine. They turn the outside light when someone steps in the front door, play your favorite music by voice commands, and much more automation that facilitates your life. Also, it offers custom user profiles for households to give family members separate access to various devices.

Do you need to choose Crestron?

Compared with Lutron and Control4, you need to know that Crestron’s price scale is enormous! If you don’t have any limitations with your budget, you can invest in Crestron. Suppose you are looking for a more budget-friendly with the same options Crestron offers. In that case, our specialists in Hestia suggest choosing the Lutron smart home solution that has smart lighting control, energy-saving solutions, etc. The good news is Hestia is a Lutron dealer and installer in the region, and we can help you choose wisely with any budget.


There are many options in smart home products on the market, so it’s crucial to choose the right home automation system and products that are compatible with them and meet your needs simultaneously. A smart home consultant with an expert in Hestia Smart Living will be a big step in creating the smart home that saves you time and money. Contact our team of experts in lighting, interior design, smart home systems, and other smart home solutions to see which one of these three companies, “Crestron vs. Lutron vs. Control4,” is the most suitable choice for you.

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