Smart Home installation in Cheshire and Greater Manchester

Smart homes are going to revolutionize your living space. From the initial transformation of your home to its final touches, smart home companies are invaluable allies. That’s where Hestia Smart Living excels. By choosing us as your guide and executor for smart home installation in Cheshire and Greater Manchester, you gain access to expertise, quality, and ongoing support.

Cheshire and Greater Manchester Smart Home Installation Services

Before installing a smart home system in your house, you need to prepare some foregrounds. If you have a smart home consultant or partner with a smart home company in Cheshire and Greater Manchester, they will guide you in choosing the right system that covers all your needs and suits your budget. With a multitude of options available in the market, making a decision can be daunting. However, seeking guidance from experts in smart home systems, such as what we offer at Hestia SL, and conducting thorough research to select services from reputable providers like Control4 and Lutron, empowers you to confidently take the first step.

The subsequent step involves seeking assistance from a professional smart home installation service to ensure seamless connectivity and functionality of every component in the system. The reassuring news is that Hestia boasts over a decade of expertise and a track record of successful projects (check out our portfolio here) in smart home services across the Cheshire region, including Altrincham, Chester, Northwich, Knutsford, Birkenhead, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, and Greater Manchester. We stand prepared to address this matter for you.

While instructions for self-installation may be provided, opting for professional assistance from a smart home installer is advisable to save both time and money. Once the installation process is finalized and your smart home is up and running, you’ll gain complete control over your devices and ecosystem through a mobile app, tablet, or interface. This allows you to effortlessly manage tasks such as turning lights on/off, adjusting thermostat settings with a smart thermostat, and locking/unlocking doors and windows, among other functionalities

Top 5 Smart Home Features

By integrating a smart home system into your residence, you’ll unlock an array of cutting-edge technologies and features designed to enhance your comfort and delight. Here are five standout features you can anticipate enjoying on your property:

Seamless Control

Controlling your smart devices offers various methods. The primary option is a unified controller, capable of managing all devices simultaneously, relieving you from the burden of multiple controllers and the risk of misplacement.

Another sophisticated option involves installing an application on your smartphone or tablet, granting seamless control from any location. Additionally, an app controller allows you to monitor property status through CCTV, track energy usage, and perform other tasks.

Imagine a scenario: you’re at work, and your children are returning from school. With no worries, you can grant them temporary access to unlock doors or effortlessly unlock them yourself via your smartphone.

The third and simplest method is voice control, facilitated by smart assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home Kit. Utilizing voice commands, you can effortlessly manage devices and appliances at home. Voice control offers a unique and convenient hands-free interaction with your smart devices, eliminating the need for remote controls or manual app operation to adjust lighting—simply command your smart assistant to switch lights on or off.

Smart Lighting System

Automated lighting is one of the trends of smart home installation in Cheshire and Greater Manchester; a harmonious combination of wireless equipment, smart bulbs, dimmers, and motion detection sensors results in comfort and convenience in controlling your home lighting. Turn the lights on/off, dim their light, change the color of the light, and put a schedule on them to switch on by dusk and switch off by sunrise. Hesti’s experts can help you on lighting design, choosing the best system and smart lighting installation in Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

Security systems

A security system is made from a combination of various devices, including security cameras for monitoring and recording live footage of the property, smart door locks for remote controlling the entering and leaving the house or automatically locking and unlocking the garage door, and motion sensors that can detect movements to notify you if there are abnormal activities at your home. By adding these devices, you will have peace of mind about your home safety, especially when you are not at home.

A/V Distributor

Picture yourself strolling through each room of your home. With our smart audio system, uninterrupted music accompanies your every step, effortlessly streaming wherever you go. Never miss a beat—continue watching your favorite TV series or movie from your room to the kitchen as you cook or wash dishes, seamlessly. The best part of A/V distributors in smart homes is that you can have your own custom home cinema to spend time with your friends at weekends, watching movies and playing video games.

Smart Air Conditioning

No need to leave the comfort of your bed if the room feels a bit too chilly or warm; simply adjust the temperature with a voice command or through your smartphone to your desired level. Smart thermostats allow you to create schedules to automatically adjust the temperature based on external weather conditions. Additionally, using smart thermostats can lead to significant energy savings and reduced bills. According to consumer reports, they can save an average of 8% on energy usage, thanks to their energy-saving features. Moreover, the convenience of energy-saving capabilities makes them a desirable option for homeowners. You can even set individual temperature preferences for each room to ensure optimal comfort for your family members.

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