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Picture this: it’s movie night, and the ambiance is set with dimmed smart lighting. As the film begins, you notice something lacking: the audio experience. That’s where surround sound home cinema systems truly elevate your custom home theater above the rest. With a surround sound system in place, you’re not just a spectator; you’re immersed in the heart of the action. The addition of surround sound enhances the audio experience, bringing movies to life with lifelike sound that surrounds you. Picture yourself in the midst of a heart-pounding chase scene, with every sound enveloping you in tension.

Hestia, a leading smart home company in the Cheshire region, offers custom home cinema solutions alongside a range of other smart home services. For those seeking the immersive power of surround sound in their home theater systems, our offerings deliver an unparalleled cinematic experience.

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Surround Sound System

Surround sound refers to a sound technology that is used by several speakers and, alongside this, sound processing to create and deliver an immersive environment for users with realistic sound effects. The system operates by sending various audio signals to multiple speakers to create an illusion for audiences that they are in the middle of the action, such as the movement of things around them. A Surround Sound System of a custom home cinema mostly contains:

  • At least three or more speakers.
  • A left and right channel for providing stereo sound.
  • A subwoofer for deep bass.

If there are more speakers, they can perform as center speakers, which enhance dialogue, or full-range speakers, which offer surround sound effects.

Do you require Surround Sound System Home Cinema Systems in Cheshire?

If you’re passionate about immersing yourself in movies, TV shows, or video games, then a surround sound system is a must-have for your home. Offering an unparalleled level of immersion, it elevates your viewing and gaming sessions to new heights. Hestia’s specialists in custom home cinema design emphasize the importance of incorporating a surround sound system into your setup. By utilizing multiple speakers to create a realistic atmosphere, these systems deliver precise sound effects that enhance the overall experience. Moreover, they offer a distinct advantage when it comes to listening to music, providing a richer and wider range of sound compared to traditional two-channel audio systems.

Surround Sound System Vs. Home cinema systems

While the terms “surround sound” and “home cinema” or “home theater” are often used interchangeably, it’s important to note that not all surround sound systems constitute a complete home cinema setup. While every proper home cinema or theater will undoubtedly feature a surround sound system, there are distinct factors that differentiate a smart home cinema system.

Smart home Technology consultant in Cheshire and Manchester

A smart home cinema system encompasses a comprehensive equipment package, comprising essentials such as a projector or large TV, A/V distribution, accessories, a media player, and a high-quality surround sound speaker system. This all-inclusive setup creates a truly immersive viewing experience that impresses not only your guests but also yourself.

Different types of surround sound systems in Hale, Trafford, and Greater Manchester

There are different types of surround sound systems for custom home cinema systems in your home; the two most common are a 5.1 speaker setup and a 7.1 channel system. In contemporary smart homes, soundbars have emerged as a new addition to home cinema systems. With expert interior design services from Hestia, you can indulge in immersive sound without the need for multiple speakers cluttering your space. A meticulously planned interior design, coupled with professional installation of home cinema equipment, promises an exceptional viewing experience tailored to your preferences. To explore which type of surround sound system best fits your requirements and for any further inquiries, reach out to our consultants at Hestia Smart Living across the Cheshire region.

Tips to Choose the Best Home Cinema System

Embarking on the journey to create a personalized home cinema, whether in a dedicated room or your living space, marks a significant stride towards enhancing your home’s intelligence. With a myriad of options available in the market, selecting the ideal home cinema system requires careful consideration of several factors

Comfort is the key

Every home cinema component should be in their highest-quality to deliver the quality alongside the convenience and comfort to households. Your home cinema will be your comfort zone at home.


Your home cinema needs to be equipped with powerful and latest-released technologies to offer you a new level of cinema experience in your home. From a smart lighting system that dims the light and smart blinds to HQ speakers and a 4K TV or projector, it matters to deliver the most efficient cinema experience to you.


Another crucial factor is the space of the home cinema, which could be your current living room or a specific room in the house. The size, design, and style of the room will affect the choice of components for the home cinema and the final result.

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