Hilltop: Automation system project

A luxury residence, situated in one of the most sought-after areas of the country, Hilltop combines architectural expertise and luxury throughout. The 9,000 sq ft home is built over four floors and includes an internal lift, five-bedroom suites, a leisure area, and an 11-meter swimming pool and sauna.

Working in sync with the developers, we created and designed a bespoke automation system to surpass any homeowner’s expectations and incorporate each high-end aspect of this stunning property.

We provided swimming pool and jacuzzi controls for the home’s impressive leisure area on the top floor, whilst also including lighting design and control alongside audio and video distribution, ensuring access from across the property via touchpads or remotely.

This project integrated our full suite of services to provide the utmost convenience, comfort, and style – a bespoke system for a complete one-of-a-kind home.

Location: Cheshire

Size: 900 m2

Services: Lighting, blind control, pool control, home cinema, climate control & A/V distribution.

Architect: CalderPeel Architect


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The Home Automation system is the new game changer in today’s modern life. It completely redefined and revolutionized individuals’ experience of the comfort of living in a smart home. Smart and digital transformation of houses is not as hard as before. Now, you can find various types of smart things and devices that make it easy to equip your home with high-quality smart devices.

The definition of automation refers to using new technologies and applications to automate tasks and workflow of your living space that, in traditional ways, were manual. You can control everything with an electronic device in your hand. The power of automation systems is in their ability to eliminate all possible limitations in a manual process to make it smart and automated. Home automation systems support a vast range of devices and have many advantages for homeowners.

A home automation system needs a range of facilities to provide its best. It’s a network of devices that connect together via the internet, and they include WiFi or Bluetooth, a controller, an IoT (Internet of Things) device, sensors, and some physical mechanisms like smart light switches to allow remote device control.

Controlling protocols

It’s important to choose how your IoT device is going to connect to the internet. A few protocol devices can connect to each other: WiFi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Bluetooth.


You can use mobile applications or voice assistants like Alexa or Google to control your system remotely. Controllers are standalone devices, while others are built into hubs or routers.


Devices can collect data via sensors; common sensors are thermostats, motion detectors, and light sensors.


Smart plugs, smart switches, and smart thermostats are devices that carry out commands of the controller.

Smart devices

Smart speakers, smart displays, and smart cameras are some of the notable smart devices of an automation system.

  • Controlling your home from everywhere. With the help of a smart home system, there are no limitations to maintaining your home devices. You can use your mobile phone or tablet to control lights, thermostats, appliances, etc.
  • Set up a routine to automate tasks such as turning on the light at a specific time, or up and down blinders at sunrise and sunset, and everything in between.
  • Use your voice for a hands-free experience of organizing and controlling your tasks with smart devices capable of voice assistants.
  • To have more security and safety in your home, you are able to monitor it remotely whenever you are outside of the home, and if there is something, you will get an alert by the dedication of the motion sensor. Moreover, you have smart locks to lock down the house door or windows if you forget about locking them.
  • By monitoring your energy usage, you can make changes if necessary to save on energy costs, such as adjusting the temperature accordingly and automatically turning on and off the smart lights when you are in and out of a room.
  • A smart home automation system guarantees your comfort with abilities like voice assistant, auto-detect the temperature and adjust it to the best mood, light control based on your mood, and playing your favorite music upon your arrival to the home.