Working with luxury developer, Altin Homes, we consulted during the initial design process to plan and implement the redevelopment, secure all associated planning rights and commission landscape designers to overhaul the 2 acre gardens. This significant redevelopment project required a complete overhaul of all electrical, mechanical, flooring and finishes within the property, whilst creating an additional leisure floor, comprising a gym, pool, jacuzzi, changing room, and high spec luxury sauna over 3,000 sq ft.

Location: Cheshire

Size: 3000 sq ft.

Services: Lighting design, blind control, pool control, home cinema, climate control & A/V distribution.

Architect: AltinHomes Ltd.

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What is pool control

Home automation technology is here to stay. In recent years, they found and established their place at homes as a functional and effective element of modern houses. Smart homes include almost every device and part of the home, even your pool. Before smart pool control, you should use traditional equipment and manual methods to control the water quality of your pools because there was no other way. Nowadays, we have smart equipment that controls all water parameters without wasting more money and time.

What can be controlled?

Pool automation means that you can install an automated pool system in any pool, regardless of its type and age. No matter what is the type of water treatment, it can be chlorine, salt, or any other advanced treatment system. Here are pool elements that can be automated and controlled:

Water Pump

The pool pump is the first thing that needs to be synced with an automation system in pool control to keep the pool water circulating and filter out debris.

Salt chlorination

Salt chlorinators have the duty of continuously checking chlorine and pH levels in the water and adjusting their dosage accordingly to keep the pool chemistry balanced. 

Chemical dosing

A pool control monitors the chemical dosing of the water and automatically applies adjustments to sanitizer and pH levels in case of necessity. 


You can have an advanced program to warm up the pool or spa water, or more of these, you can turn it on or off with your smartphone app.


Sync the cleaning of your pool with the automation system to make it easy to manage. You will be able to activate and schedule it remotely with an app on your phone or a wallpad.


For a pool party or a romantic date, you can synchronize the pool’s light with almost any device, and this will allow you to have remote control of lights or backyard lighting. Even more, you can sync it with the smart audio system to change it with the rhythm of the music.

Water features

If you have fountains, waterfalls, or deck jets on your pool, you can control it with a remote to turn it on or activate it with a timer to add drama to the pool space and keep it balanced and clear. 

Sound system

Your pool control can manage the outdoor sound system by syncing it with the automation system, which allows you to have easy control with a phone, even if floating on a pool hammock.

Benefits Of Pool Control

  • Keep your pool clean and prevent possible damage by automatically checking the condition and chemicals of the water.
  • Balances the water temperature based on the outside weather or your demand
  • Saves time and energy by automating the cleaning of water, filling the pool, balancing pool chemicals, turning on and off the heater, and changing the pump speed.
  • Remote control in every function that has automation in your pool, simply by a central remote or on your mobile.
  • Chemical reduction and saving time and energy lead to better money-saving in the near future.
  • It enables you to have different settings for different situations and brings you flexibility.