Introducing a luxury development comprising six residences in Cheshire. Crafted with the modern family in mind, these five-bedroom properties showcase a harmonious fusion of style and functionality. Boasting state-of-the-art amenities such as smart lighting, seamless audio streaming, integrated security systems, and advanced heating integration, every aspect of comfort and convenience has been meticulously considered.


Location: Cheshire


Size: 1,500 m2


Services: Lighting Design, climate control & A/V distribution.


Architect: CalderPeel Architect


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    Smart Lighting 

    Smart Lighting stands out as one of the foremost and most sought-after enhancements for modern homes. These cutting-edge lighting solutions offer many advantages for homeowners, elevating both convenience and ambience within living spaces. More than just a mere remote control for lights, Smart Lighting represents sophisticated automation. By integrating light bulbs, smart switches, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, intuitive applications or remote controls, and even motion sensors, a comprehensive smart lighting system is born.

    This innovative system grants users unparalleled control and flexibility, allowing for tasks such as adjusting light levels and scheduling activations at specific times. The benefits of integrating Smart Lighting into your home are manifold:

    • Diverse Designs: With various types and styles available, Smart Lighting complements any decor, catering to various tastes and preferences.
    • Convenient Control: Whether through a simple remote, smartphone app, or voice assistant, managing lighting has never been easier. Effortlessly turn lights on or off and adjust brightness levels with a touch or voice command.
    • Energy Efficiency: Smart lights are programmable to optimise energy consumption, thereby reducing costs. They can automatically activate based on motion detection or adjust brightness levels after sunset, contributing to significant energy savings over time.
    • Longevity: LED smart bulbs boast an extended lifespan of up to 15 years, ensuring prolonged performance and reliability.
    • Enhanced Security: By implementing automated lighting routines, homeowners can deter intruders by simulating occupancy when away. Motion detectors further fortify home security by alerting residents to any unusual activity.


    Integrating Smart Lighting into your home enhances convenience and aesthetics and fosters efficiency and security, transforming your living environment into a haven of modern luxury and functionality.

    Climate Control

    To address the inconvenience of adjusting the air conditioner or heater in the dead of night, smart thermostats are integrated into the smart home system.  With their automatic and wireless control features, smart thermostats enhance convenience and promote energy efficiency. Moreover, some advanced systems go beyond basic temperature control by learning and adapting to the climate zones within your home, ensuring optimal comfort at all times. 

    Benefits of Climate Control

    • Tailored Comfort: Adjust temperature settings to suit your individual preferences and create a personalised living space.
    • Efficient Energy Management: Smart climate controls intelligently regulate temperature and humidity levels, promoting energy conservation without compromising comfort.
    • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Maintain a healthy environment by automatically adjusting humidity levels, contributing to better respiratory health and overall well-being.
    • Seamless Convenience: Manage your climate system effortlessly through a smartphone or tablet, allowing for remote adjustments from anywhere.

    A/V Distribution

    Never miss a beat with A/V distribution. Whether in the kitchen, your room, or even heading to your car, you can enjoy uninterrupted access to your cherished content across all multimedia systems.

    Advantages of A/V Distribution

    • Effortless Content Access: Share, manage, and indulge in your favourite content from anywhere in your home using intuitive touch panels, keypads, or a convenient app on your smartphone.
    • Streamlined Entertainment Experience: By investing in a whole-house distributed audio/video system, you streamline your entertainment and relaxation at home, ensuring that every moment is filled with enjoyment.
    • Simplified Setup: Say goodbye to cluttered spaces filled with multiple components and equipment. A/V distribution systems consolidate your setup, reducing the need for numerous devices to play music and other entertainment media throughout your home.
    • Unified Control: Bid farewell to the frustration of juggling multiple remotes, knobs, and buttons. With an all-in-one control centre, managing your multimedia devices becomes a breeze, keeping things simple and convenient for you and your family.

    Experience the epitome of home entertainment convenience with A/V distribution, where every corner of your home becomes a stage for immersive multimedia experiences.