The power of a dual-service partner: Combining interior design and home automation on your next property project

In today’s dynamic architectural landscape, the seamless integration of interior design and home automation has never been more in demand. Currently, 18.49% of UK households are smart homes, a figure expected to rise to 34.79% by 2028. Furthermore, 79% of people in the UK now want a smart home and are willing to pay an average premium of 7.7% for properties with smart features. This surge in demand highlights the need for integrated solutions that not only enhance functionality but also elevate aesthetic appeal.

At Hestia, we understand these evolving needs and so offer a one-stop-shop approach that blends bespoke interior design with cutting-edge home automation. This holistic strategy streamlines project delivery and addresses the needs of architects, contractors, developers, and homeowners, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and beautifully.

Our expert team, proficient in both services and up-to-date with the latest trends, delivers designs that are not only luxurious and comfortable but also highly functional. We work collaboratively, combining our unique skills and knowledge to achieve Hestia’s overarching goal: providing the highest quality service that meets every client’s needs.

The power of a dual-service partner: Combining interior design and home automation on your next property project - home automation

Overcoming challenges in blending design and automation

As the desire for smart, aesthetically pleasing homes grows, architects, contractors, and developers now face the challenge of integrating home automation into their projects without compromising on design. Many smart home devices, while functional, are not designed with aesthetics in mind and so can clash with interior design elements. Therefore, finding a home automation provider who understands the intricacies of architectural projects and delivers tailored solutions to complement the overall design and vision is key.

At Hestia, our dual-service offering ensures that our automation and design teams collaborate closely with property professionals and clients to provide smart solutions that enhance, rather than detract from, a home’s style. Our expertise in optimising device placement to blend seamlessly within spaces boosts the value and appeal of projects.

Another ongoing challenge for trade professionals is managing deadlines and multiple subcontractors and suppliers across different services. This complexity often leads to coordination issues and project delays. Working with our integrated interior and automation team means we can streamline project management, ensuring coordination, clear communication and collaborative discussions to align on objectives. Our proactive problem-solving and flexibility allows us to adapt to changing project requirements, facilitating efficient project execution that minimises delays and helps save costs.

The power of a dual-service partner: Combining interior design and home automation on your next property project - home automation

Integrating technology and design seamlessly

Incorporating smart home technology into architectural designs requires finesse and expertise. Our design team at Hestia reviews pre-build designs and employs advanced tools and techniques to ensure that smart solutions, from lights to thermostats, are optimally placed to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Recent studies show that 56% of customers prefer working with interior designers who use technology, such as design software. This technology helps us create our unique, elegant, and minimalist look by finding the best furniture, colours, and products to match our clients’ visions. Well-designed wireless home automation systems, combined with elegant interior design, create environments where devices and systems interact seamlessly.

One of our standout automation solutions is smart lighting, designed to bring the natural beauty of outdoor light indoors, synchronising with people’s daily rhythms and enhancing their lifestyles. Installing these complex lighting solutions requires close collaboration with our interior design team to ensure compatibility with the overall design. This approach allows us to match the colour temperature and style of traditional lighting while ensuring that smart lighting controls, such as touch panels or voice assistants, are accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

With more people now working from home, 48% of consumers believe smart home technology will improve their quality of life. Features like tailor-made lighting packages or automation systems not only enhance living standards but also maximise a home’s potential and can increase property value. Making energy-saving improvements to a property could increase its value by 14% on average and up to 38% in some parts of England.

Case study: Burnthwaite

To fully realise the potential of home automation services, working closely with a specialist is essential. A prime example of this is with our Burnthwaite project – a stunning mansion where we installed lighting design, a cinema, a spa, home automation, and audio and video distribution. By working as a dual service partner, we ensured a seamless project for the contractors, resulting in an elegant space with integrated home automation throughout the property.

The power of a dual-service partner: Combining interior design and home automation on your next property project - home automation

The power of a dual-service partner: Combining interior design and home automation on your next property project - home automation


Our clients benefited from having a partner that offered high-quality home automation systems with easy-to-understand tech specifications and demonstrations of product capabilities. Collaborative discussions ensured alignment with design objectives, making the integration of smart technology smooth and effective.

 The benefits of a dual-service partnership

Hestia’s dual-service approach to interior design and home automation offers a seamless, high-quality solution for property projects. By integrating cutting-edge technology with bespoke interior designs, we address the common challenges faced by contractors, developers, and architects. Our collaborative efforts ensure that aesthetics are never compromised, delivering functional and visually appealing results. Our comprehensive aftercare and 24/7 support throughout the project to alleviates the pressures on trade professionals.

As the demand for smart home technology continues to rise, Hestia remains committed to enhancing the value and appeal of architectural projects, providing turnkey solutions that streamline project management, minimise disruptions, and enhance project value.

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