How to Automate Lights at Home

A Short Guide to Smart Lighting Systems:

Setting up smart lighting systems at your home with the help of Hestia Smart Living, the most successful smart lighting company in Manchester, Greater Manchester, and the Cheshire region, is made simple. You just need to contact us and set up a consultation session to find out how to automate lights at home and decide which equipment best suits you.

Smart lighting systems have been the revolution of lighting since the lightbulb was founded. Smart lighting completely changes the way you light your home spaces. Our lighting experts in Hestia can guide you to understand the magnificence of smart lighting systems and how to automate lights at home.

How to Automate Lights at Home - Lighting

The meaning of automate lights at home

Smart lights are equipped with the latest technology and features inside them. For example, you can change the light’s color, brightness, or temperature based on your mood, and they also have internal Bluetooth or WiFi to communicate with the hub and connect to your phone, where you can control them wirelessly. Some of these automated lights at home can be controlled via smart home assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, where you can command them to turn the lights on/off or dim them to watch a movie in your bespoke home cinema.

How to Automate Lights at Home?

If you don’t know anything about smart lights, automating lights at home can be made easy with Hestia’s guidance. Our lighting experts can offer you a consultation session and help you to see which smart lighting products suit your needs. Our company provides luxury lighting, lighting control, and lighting installation services to our clients. Now let’s see how you can automate your lights at home:

Smart light Bulbs

To convert a conventional light into a smart light, you need to use smart switches or smart outlets. This allows you to have a smart lighting experience without breaking the bank. You just need to remove your conventional bulb from its socket and replace it with a smart bulb.  

Smart light switches

The next method is using smart light switches. You can choose between Lutron and Control4 products. By replacing switches and outlets with smart ones, you can now have remote control over the fixtures even if they’re not equipped with smart bulbs.

Smart Lighting in Cheshire

Smart plugs 

Smart plugs are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to automate your home’s lights. Just insert them into the outlet and plug in traditional lights, appliances, and other devices. Now, you can control them over an app or voice command, even if you have a smart home hub. Our lighting experts recommend having a look at Lutron lighting products (Hestia is a Lutron dealer in the region).

Smart fixtures

If you want to step further, you can install smart light fixtures. These products have a voice activated light control technology, that you can control the light with you voice commands or an app on your smartphone.

Smart light system

A smart light system that has almost all of the products mentioned above can be the most complete option that you can choose. Hestia as a Lutron and Control4 dealer recommends you to check on their smart light systems. These systems can have additional smart layers, such as smart motion detectors and light sensors, that could fully automate lighting at your home. Step into your room, and the lights turn on automatically, and after you leave the room, it will turn off, which can be very effective for your energy bills. Or, considering you are at work and worried about your home security situation, by setting up a schedule to turn on the lights at dusk and switch them off by sunrise, you can stimulate your presence at home, which can enhance your home security.

Benefits of Smart Lighting

Flexible control over smart lighting

A home, especially when it’s a huge luxury villa, will have many lights to turn on or off. The smart lighting system is here to solve such headaches. It gives you the ability to have group control over your home lights, so you can turn the lights off in all rooms with a single touch on your phone or tap on the controller. Or you can command your home assistant to turn the lights on or off.

Automated Lighting design in cheshire


You can set a timer or schedule your bedroom lights to switch off if you fall asleep without turning them off. Also, you can just say a word, and your smart assistant will turn off all the home lights. Motion sensors can also turn on the lights of the environment you step in automatically and then switch them off when you leave.

Use the power of natural lighting 

Lighting can affect your sleep patterns, memory, concentration, and overall health, so using natural lighting matters. Smart lights can mimic the sun’s light, which is beneficial for our health and eyes while reading or working.

Home Security 

By stimulating your presence at home by randomly turning the lights on and off, you can distract miscreants and thieves. You can also benefit from motion sensors that turn the lights on whenever someone or something enters your property.

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