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Blind & Security Systems

Hestia puts our client’s safety above all else. When you are away or while you sleep in. Hestia security systems take care of your safety; alarm, cameras, smoke, and leak sensors. The house monitors and reacts to alert all the inhabitants of any problems.

Automated blinds are the perfect addition to any home, combining smart technology with style, to provide a practical and secure home solution.

Installing automated blinds can increase energy efficiency, as blinds help to maintain your property’s temperature while preserving expensive furnishings and artwork by preventing sun exposure.

Automated blinds also add an extra layer of home security – with remote control, homeowners can eliminate the illusion of a vacant property by scheduling blinds throughout their time away. This additional security feature is also a key selling point for your property.

As with all our integrated tailor-made solutions, we provide a full installation service as standard.